Monday, August 13, 2007

13 happy years

Today marks 13 years that I've been married to a wonderful man named Christopher Howard Shanks. I am blessed to share my life with this incredibly selfless man. Selfish is not in his vocabulary as is evidenced by the way he puts me & the girls before himself all the time. God is before us all which is how it should be.
He is a fantastic Daddy! I love that he spends time with the girls because he wants to, not because he should. He is not too proud to get down on the floor & play horse with Gracie or "eat" something Katie cooks in her kitchen. He truly enjoys being with them and it shows. I feel confident that this will make a difference in the relationship choices they will make throughout their lives.
Chris works hard to provide for our family and to allow me to stay home with the girls, which is what we both want. When not working, he makes spending time with us a priority while throwing in the occasional game of golf, work out at the gym or movie night with the guys too of course!
He treats me as if I'm very special. He tells me I'm beautiful, that I'm a good mom, that I'm a good cook....all of those sorts of sweet things that wives like to hear from their husbands. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with him!

Chris, I'm glad I met you way out there in Abilene, TX back in 1992. God utilized ACU to bring us together and I'm thankful for that. I love you!!!!!!!I know this is weird that I took a picture of a picture, but it's one of my favorite pictures of us and I was too lazy to scan it. If you look close, you'll notice that I have yellow fingernails. Any girl from ACU who knows "why fire engines are red" knows why those nails are yellow!


Malia said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Miss Hope said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

One question:

I know from where abouts you come from. Are you telling me you wore that gorgeous LONG SLEEVED gown in August?? Girl, I would have DIED from heat stroke. whew.

p.s. We met whilst pregnant on TTC.

jettybetty said...


I think Chris did quite well in this marriage, too!

You all are a beautiful couple and an example of great Christian parents. I am thankful God brought you together, too!

BrenOaks said...

From one former yellow fingernailed sister to another- CONGRATULATIONS! I remember that day and it was a beautiful wedding destined for a long beautiful relationship! HUGS!!