Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"School" for Katie

Katie Boo started "school" today and she was so excited! Of course, school is really just a 1 day a week Mother's Day Out program for a few hours. When I dropped her off, there were only 2 other children there and they are 2 of her best friends from church and the 2 teachers, one of which is the mommy of 1 of her best friends. When I said something about taking pictures, she informed me that we had to take some with her backpack off and some with it on. I guess she's been watching us take pictures of Gracie on her first day of school! She just had to have a "Little Einstein's" lunchbox. Even though I tried to convince her it was "boyish," she really wanted it!
When I picked her up, she seemed to have had a great time and is currently in bed for a much needed nap. Gracie is starting to work on her homework. I was able to go to her school today to help out for this first time this year. I am loving her teacher! The things that Gracie has talked about them doing have really made me happy-lots of writing activities with room for creativity which I love! She reminds me somewhat of Miss Stack-just older and a little calmer. LOL Mrs. Z had me bind together some of their writings while I was there to make a class book and she told me she likes to make books. I love that!!!!! I made books all the time when I was teaching.

She also told me that she really doesn't like worksheets and that I'll find that she really doesn't do a lot of the workbook pages because she'll have other ways of teaching it. Awesome! I think there's a time & a place for worksheets but I love that she uses so many other ways of teaching also. She sent home a "spelling contract" last night. They have to have 20 points by Friday in order to get 100% for a spelling homework grade for the week. She had all sorts of activites listed that they could choose to do. Some activities, like putting the words in ABC order, are worth 5 points. Others are worth are 10 and some, like cutting a picture out of a magazine and writing a story about it using her spelling words, are worth 15. Last night, Gracie chose to do one of the 15 point activities. She chose to look through magazines and find 10 (of her 22) spelling words and cut them out to make a collage. I think that is such a neat activity and I love that she allows them to choose which one to do. Since Gracie did a 15 point activity last night, she technically only has to do 1 more 5 point activity for spelling homework for the week.

I worked with 2 students today. These are students who are pretty low academically speaking, but they've already worked their way into my heart a little. The little girl has a sad life story but was so sweet and said "yes ma'am" so politely. The little boy was active to say the least but really sweet with a little bit of "exposure to older brothers or cousins" in him. (For example: we were talking about the sound of the letter "W" and he laughed and said, "like WHASSUP?!?!" HA! Hey, if it helps him remember it, that's fine with me!) Out of the blue he asked me if I went to church. I didn't think I'd said anything about it so I was a little caught off guard. I guess he saw my cross necklace. I confirmed that yes, I did and asked if he did. He said "his momma don't take them no more." I told him to talk to Gracie about it and he could come with her. Logistically & practically speaking, I wasn't sure what else to say, but I uttered a silent prayer that God would bless him. It was really kind of chilling to think that he asked me that, like God was saying, "Here's an open door." I pray that God will show me how to go through that door. Really neat.


TMK said...

Goodness she is cute! Enjoy your Mom's Day out.

jettybetty said...

Sounds like everyone had a GREAT day at your house! I am so thankful you choose to spend your at least part of your MDO at Gracie's school. Those little kiddos can just take over your heart--I pray God will use you to bless them! Way exciting to me what He can do.

Erica said...

What a little doll! I love that she told you what pictures to take. Sounds like my girls!

What a wonderful teaching moment you had with that sweet little boy. Sounds like you knew just what to say. I am going to say a prayer for him now that he continues to be blessed by you and Gracie as the year goes on. I love that you are so involved at your daughter's school. I am hoping to find plenty to do myself.

Kendra said...

Had fun catching up on the happenings at the Shanks house . . cute girls!!

Amy Woods said...

Jacinda! I do remember you from ACU! Your kids are beautiful! I'm glad we found each other in blogland!!

TMK said...

I am a BAAADDD mom. I didn't even take one picture. I will next week when Tanner goes. Just for you Jacinda. I was reading your comments and saw Amy wood. I remember her from ACU. I wonder if she remembers me? I doubt it. Noone remembers me, except for you! Thanks!