Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bible Class portfolio

Today was "Promotion Sunday" at church with the new quarter starting next Sunday. Right before services, each child got a certificate for the class they've been in this year and a few were promoted to the next class. In my 1st & 2nd grade class, we had a little "party" or "Open House" you might call it. We invited the Wednesday night teacher along with the parents of each of my 3 students-me being one of the parents!
When the parents came in, they were asked if they'd like something to drink-orange juice. The students gave the parents a little quiz using the "Bible Mania-Veggies Tales" book. It was cute because some of the questions the parents didn't have an answer for! After that, the girls recited 2 of their long term memory work projects-the 12 Sons of Jacob & the books of the Old Testament. They then served their parents muffins & grapes. They then fixed their own plates, then went to 2 of the other classes to share some of the muffins then came back and sat with their parents while they looked through their "portfolio." This consisted of some of the work I held onto throughout the year along with a list of the stories we did all year. I also had many pictures I'd taken and I typed up the class prayer journal for each girl to have a copy. It was fun looking back at the things the girls had prayed for all year.
So closes yet another chapter in Gracie's life-her 1st grade Bible Class. *sigh* Life is moving too quickly. This week, Katie & I will be spending time in the classroom decorating for the new quarter. I love doing this! Gracie helped me choose some things a couple of weeks ago. We went with an "ocean theme" and I'm excited to put it all up and have a fresh look to the classroom. I have "lost" 1 student to promotion but am "gaining" 2 new ones as well. The 2 new ones are boys so now we should have 2 2nd grade girls & 2 1st grade boys. Should make for a whole new dynamic!
Here is a picture of my sweet Katie Boo. She looked so cute with her pigtails!


Anne said...

Your girls are just adorable! IT's been nice to catch up on what's going on around your parts. Thanks for commenting over at my blog. Have a great week! :)

jettybetty said...

Looks like you are a great Bible class teacher! A portfolio--that is a wonderful idea.

I love pigtails, too!