Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mrs. Zimmerman

Gracie met her new 2nd grade teacher today~Mrs. Zimmerman!

Here are 2 things Gracie had to say about her:

*She's nice.

*I love her already!

I'm glad she's so easy to please! I will admit that I was really nervous this morning because today was the day to find out who she had. Even when we arrived at registration & found out who her teacher was going to be, I really didn't know enough about any of them to feel a great sense of relief or a great sense of doom. The one I had really hoped for had moved to 1st grade and I'd found that out earlier in the summer so I had been praying that God would choose the one he wanted her to have.

She has 5 children from 6th grade up to some in their 20's. She seemed to really have a motherly side to her which is something I really liked about Mrs. Stauffer last year. I like that she will be able to see the "mother's side" as well as the "teacher's side." When I taught I didn't have any children and I can say that I would do a lot of things differently now if I was teaching. That's not to say that people without children can't be good's just different.

Mrs. Zimmerman was trying to get some things cleaned out so she had a table full of books-including old textbooks and told Gracie-and Katie-that they could choose 5 books to take home. What a great way to get rid of things because Gracie & Katie thought that was pretty cool.

I look forward to starting this 2nd grade year. This is kind of a nostalgic year for me because this is what I taught. I am very interested to see what all Gracie learns & how it is taught. I look forward to going in to help with the class and seeing what kind of relationship she & Mrs. Zimmerman will have. I look forward to seeing what new friends she will make. I am excited for this school year to begin and I know Gracie is too.

Dear Lord,

Please bless this school year for Gracie and all of the other students. Please bless Mrs. Zimmerman and help to be the kind of teacher You want her to be. Please help me to be an encouragement to both Gracie & her teacher and to be the right kind of support for both of them. Please help our family to be a light to all of those we meet. Please bless Miss Stack (Mrs. Powell now that she's married) & Mrs. Stauffer as they begin a new school year.

In Jesus' Name,


elizabeth said...

We don't find out who our teachers are until next week! I am dying to know!

Gracie's teacher looks sweet. I love 2nd grade and kindergarten, so this year should be fun for us!

jettybetty said...

That sounds GREAT! I believe God answered your prayers in a powerful way!

julie said...

Jacinda, I have been reading your blog and I am glad that the blog world has connected many things that I wanted to talk with you about after reading your blog...
First, some advice from a mom who has been through it already...go ahead and buy the American Girl doll. I believe that they were a big part of keeping my girls girls...not growing up too fast. They are now 14 and 19 and no, they don't play with their dolls anymore but they both have them up in glass cabinets in their rooms and they are still some of their most treasured possessions. Some of them have been loved until their hair is weird and their faces not as clean...but they are all loved and wanted and still. They both plan to give them to their own daughters someday. I think that they were worth every single penny.
And last...did you happen to be a Siggie? me, too!