Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Katie's first trip to the dentist

Sometimes I fear that I write more about Gracie than I do Katie. I guess it's because she does all of the "new" things first.......school, soccer etc. Well, today was a "first" for Katie Boo~her first trip to the dentist as a patient.

She did really well although they didn't get to do everything they wanted to. She was so cute though and talked a lot. When I first put her in the chair she started kicking her legs and fussing and said, "I'm thirsty!" The hygienist got her a little cup of water. She started drinking it and the hygienist started talking to her. Before too long Katie shifted to put both her legs in the chair and she was pretty okay. She told the lady she looked funny because of her face mask. She got to wear sunglasses because of how bright "Mr. Sunshine" (the big light) was and she liked "Mr. Thirsty" (the suction) pretty well for a little bit. She wasn't too sure of the polishing. She really was so cute while there and I was proud of her! Here are quite a few pictures I took to remember the occasion.


MB said...

she looks like a movie star in those glasses!!!!

Miss Hope said...

We get to do this same thing next week!!!! Katie and Vitt are on the same schedule!

She is just adorable and I can't believe how grown she looks in that BIG chair!!