Friday, August 10, 2007

this too shall pass, right?!?!

Katie is driving me bananas! I love her dearly. Believe me, I do. She is just so strong willed and so different from Gracie, it's unbelievable!

*The other day, she got in trouble and Chris took care of it. She was in time out and Gracie came and told Chris, "Katie says you're being mean." She's 3 for goodness sake!

*The girls were taking a bath and I kept hearing this loud banging like they were throwing the baby doll around. I called out for them to stop. A few minutes later I hear Gracie say, "Mommy said no!" In other words, Katie was still wanting to do it regardless of what I had said.

*Katie was playing with this huge pencil that Chris had brought Gracie from his trip to San Antonio. I guess she said something about it being a g-u-n. I only halfway heard it and probably would have just said something to her about how we don't play like that. Gracie said, "Mommy! Katie said g-u-n." Again, I probably would have just said something to her about not talking about that. Before I can say anything, she says, "GRACIE! Don't tell Mom!" Again, SHE IS THREE!!!!!!!!

*I was in the den and thought I kept hearing the screen door open. After a couple of times I went in the other room and asked Katie if she had opened the door-something she knows she's not supposed to do. She shook her head no over & over. I went out to ask Chris about it. He was outside watering the plants. He said that yes, she had opened it-he had seen her.

*We went to playgroup today where she hit at her friends when they upset her, pushed on her friend to keep her from doing something and then lied to me about it.

*Tonight, we went to get ice cream. She got a cone which proceeded to drip everywhere so Chris put it in a cup and gave her a spoon. She didn't like that but finally calmed down but she kept moving around. I finally said, "Sit there!" She wanted to move to the picnic table. I said, "Sit." She shook her head no. I said, "yes." She shook her head no. THREE times she shook her head no after I told her what I wanted her to do so I took her ice cream to the trash can and dumped it! Of course, she really didn't like that and wouldn't calm down so I took her to the van to sit. I finished mine in the van with her while Chris & Gracie finished theirs out under the tree. She had no more ice cream.

Because of her hitting & lying at playgroup, we had told her she couldn't play the "Leapster" anymore that day or the next day. This morning when I got up she was sitting very solemnly on the couch in the living room in her Spiderman shorts & Dallas Cowboy t-shirt (a bit of a tomboy at times!) I asked her what was wrong and she just stared at me. I asked her if she was in trouble (Chris had gotten up earlier.) She nodded yes and said that she had played the Leapster. Of course, she said it was an "assident." *sigh*

I don't want to pray for patience because the rumor is that you'll get something to test your patience if you pray for it. *oops* I think maybe I already did pray for it, you think?!!?!?


Please help Chris & I to be the kind of parents who can teach both of our girls the right way to act. Help them to grow up to be loving, respectful, responsible, well behaved young ladies who love You. Help us not to get too frustrated.

In Jesus' Name,


MB said...

Is it wrong of me to laugh a little evil laugh???? Seriously though, i KNOW what you are going through and i really am praying for you!!!!

Kristen said...

She sounds like my Seth! I asked him to sit down (he was standing up on the couch) and he said, "I think no!" And, he is only 2!