Saturday, August 11, 2007

week with friends

Although I needed to get it off my chest, I don't like having the post about Katie's frustrating behavior as the first thing I see when I go to my blog, so I'm going to write a new one.

This has been a good week. School starts a week from Monday, so I find myself wanting to savor these last few days of "summer." Of course, when the temperatures hover around 106 degrees, we've been doing most of our savoring inside!

Monday, we went to Gracie's 7 year check up and talked a little more about the digestive problems the girls have had this last month. He has referred them to a Pediatric G.I. guy. They are doing better so I'm not sure if I'm taking them to the appointment, but I feel pretty sure that if I don't, they'll start having problems again. Murphy's Law, right?!!? We'll see.

After the appointment, we went to "Diwwon's" house (a.k.a. Dillon) to play with him & his sister and some other children and eat lunch together which was fun. His mommy ran a quick errand but most of the time I got to visit with her and with Holly too, so that was nice. Although we still have to referee the occasional squabble, for the most part the kids all play together well and it's nice to watch them enjoying being together.

That night, I went out on the "take Holly's mind off her surgery" girl's night.

Tuesday, Melissa came over with her kids for a little bit to play & eat lunch. I ended up running an errand for her while she watched the kids. Her neck was really hurting, so we decided it'd be easier for me to drive & run into the post office for her. Hey, she was home with 5 kids. I'm not sure who had the easier job! LOL

That night, we met yet a different friend for dinner~Mary Beth & her family. Gracie & Hunter just picked up right where they left off after not having seen each other much this summer. Brett & Chris went to the gym to work out while MB & I watched t.v. and the kids played. Their car ended up dying and spending the night in our driveway. As bad as that was, at least we got to spend more time together while the men tried to figure everything out!

Wednesday, we stayed home all day until church that night.

Thursday, we went to playgroup. Afterwards, we went to the local teacher store where I chose some new things to use in my Sunday School classroom starting this September. The rest of the afternoon was pretty much spent resting. It's so hot out that even just running errands takes it out of ya! We went out for ice cream after dinner then just hung out.

Friday, Kristi & I went to visit baby Caroline. Poor thing. She was not feeling well at all while we were there. On the way home, we stopped to see Holly who had her surgery that morning. She was doing great!

That evening, we went to Mark & Cindy's house for dinner after which our 2 girls & their 2 girls played & played. We left Gracie there for a sleepover with LA which of course was the highlight of her day!

Today, we piddled around and cleaned house and cooked. Shawn & Melissa came over tonight for dinner. We cooked a brisket and potato salad and baked beans. She brought corn on the cob & Texas Toast. It was good! We sure do miss good 'ole brisket like they cook it at Joe Allen's in Abilene, TX but ours was pretty good!

The kids all had fun playing together. The husbands went out for a little bit to do something and she & I enjoyed watching a couple of episodes of "Ace of Cakes." She makes lots of birthday cakes for her own children as well as friends, so I think she likes seeing how they do all of those neat things. I just think it's such a fun show!

So, it's been a good week with lots of time spent with friends. That's always good. This week we get to meet Gracie's 2nd grade teacher!!!!!! I have spent time praying for whoever this person will be. I am anxious & excited to see who she will be.....or he! I had a dream it was a man, although I don't think it will be. I have had more than 1 dream about this lately. It's how my mind works. Whatever is on my mind a lot during the day, I sometimes will dream about. Back when the girls were in the midst of their tummy problems, I had a very interesting dream about Gracie. I won't relay it here but trust me, it was strange!

The girls are now in bed-together. They're having a "sleepover." Gracie didn't really want to but I wasn't in the mood to change her sheets after Katie spilled milk on her bed. Why she thought she could climb onto Gracie's bed with a cup of milk-not a cup with a lid I might add-is beyond me. Of course, when I asked her why she did that, she had a perfectly reasonable answer. "I was firsty!"


jettybetty said...

That does sound like a great week!

Glad the girls are feeling better--and Holly's surgery went well...

MB said...

sounds like you had a great week. im glad i was included in that! :-)