Tuesday, June 03, 2008

biggest, big, littlest sisters

Here are the cute shirts I got for the girls~all 3 of them~to wear once the littlest one decides to make her arrival into our world! (Click on the picture to see them better.)

'Grammer' (a.k.a. as my mom) comes to Houston tomorrow and will stay until after the baby is born, so whenever our newest one decides to arrive, we'll be covered for help with Gracie & Katie! *whew* (Watch her come tonight-mere hours before Mom arrives-ha!)


Colter & Elizabeth Lewis said...

Hey Jacinda! It's Colter and Elizabeth Lewis. I just happened upon your blog and saw that you guys just moved to Houston. We are also in Houston! Where are ya'll living and going to church? We are in Spring and go to Bammel. It was great seeing your family in all those pictures....your girls are adorable! Let us know if you guys need anything.


TMK said...

Love the shirts!! Perfect...