Friday, June 27, 2008

Ellie is home

Just a quick note to say that we are home. All 5 of us, plus my parents, are sitting and relaxing after eating the delicious roast dinner Grammer cooked. Ellie is sleeping in her Pappy's lap as I type, and I am enjoying the effects of my pain meds. Thank goodness for pain meds! It's good to be home although I must say we thoroughly enjoyed the treatment we received at the hospital. There were so many nice people there, and we would recommend the hospital to anyone.

Chris & I will take Ellie back Sunday morning for a check-up on her jaundice levels. They had risen a little, so the pediatrician at the hospital wanted us to have it checked 48 hours after leaving. The new ped. we chose doesn't have Sunday office hours, so we will go back to the nursery at the hospital. I think they will also check her weight since she did end up losing 7% of her birth weight which they don't want to have happen. They didn't seem too concerned though, and I think she will gain back quickly from this point on. We have more family coming over the next week or so and plan to enjoy that while sticking close to home for awhile. We will try to let little Ellie spend most of her first few weeks at home before we start taking her out places.

I will update more later. Thank you for all the well wishes!


Miss Hope said...

Welcome home, Miss Ellie! (What a truly wonderful Southern name you have!)

Congratulations one such a beautiful little lady! I am thrilled to pieces for you all.

Remember to take care of yourself, Jacinda!

Belle-ah said...


MDM said...

She is so precious...looks very alert! I love her bishop dress. Southern princess for sure! does she look like your other two did?

TMK said...

So sweet!

Jill said...

How did the visit to the Dr. go on Sunday? She looks so sweet!

janjanmom said...

Goggle reader makes me a HORRIBLE commenter!!

She is so beautiful! I am so happy for your family. God bless you all and especially your newest edition.

PS. Life with 3 girls is never dull!!