Monday, June 16, 2008

Teddy Bear Tea

Katie & I went to a 'Teddy Bear Tea' at church this morning that was planned for preschool girls. I took a bunch of pictures, but a lot of them have other people's children in them and I'm not sure how they would feel about me posting them, so here are some of just Katie. It was a really fun morning full of princess coloring, cookie decorating & eating, crown & necklace making, storytime, & hide 'n seek! Our thanks to Jennifer for planning such a fun morning for our little princesses!

(She's counting here for hide 'n seek.)


Jennifer Reinsch said...

I love the picture of Katie counting for hide and seek. That is too funny.

SG said...

Hang in there girl! This is just one more precious event you got to go to thanks to baby girl 3 staying put. I know you are so ready and probably don't want to hear that she will come when she's ready...but she will! :) I'll be thinking about you!

elizabeth said...

Hi, Jacinda!

I would have loved meeting you last weekend, but understand not wanting to make a huge drive and meeting someone for the first time 9 months pregnant!

We will be back at some point, and meet up. Do you recommend Twilight?