Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy 36th Birthday, Chris!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, Chris!!!!! We celebrated 36 years of his life today-even though I've only been blessed to know him for around 16 of those years. He is a fantastic Christian husband, father, & friend. The girls & I are certainly blessed to have him in our lives, and I hope Gracie, Katie, & our new little one will understand & appreciate this God given blessing more & more as they grow older.

Chris & Gracie got home this morning after spending the night at the church lock-in which they both enjoyed. They both had a good time, and Gracie is looking forward to the next one! We hung around the apartment this morning after Chris opened his birthday gifts, then Gracie, Katie, Grammer, & I went to a birthday party for a little girl at church. at one of those "jumper" places. It was a really fun party. Chris took the chance to run some errands on his own and took his 2nd nap of the day-trying to recover from his night with 22 3rd-5th graders! He said he did actually get some sleep but apparently not enough!

We came home and Grammer cooked a delicious birthday dinner while we got the girls bathed and ready for bed. Gracie wrote a 'song' to sing for Chris before we ate and Katie enjoyed singing 'Happy Birthday' not once, but at least twice, before we had his birthday brownies.

Since Gracie had gone to bed last night around 1:00 and gotten up around 6:00, we figured bed time should be early tonight, so both the girls were tucked in while it was still light outside. They weren't too sure about this idea, but I didn't hear a peep out of either one of them once they were there!

Tomorrow will be Father's Day-yet another day to celebrate the wonderful man in our life. Speaking of new baby...she's still hanging out with just me.....maybe a Father's Day gift????? I can only hope & pray! :-)


William said...
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The Hinshaws said...

OK - is that the SAME table we ate on when we had dinner at your house in Abilene??? That is truly amazing... :)

We're leaving town for the week tomorrow and I hope I'll come home to read that you've had that baby girl! It's just too hot to be pregnant much longer.