Friday, June 13, 2008

still waiting.......

Here I sit. Still pregnant. Waiting, waiting, waiting. There have been a few nights that I've felt that this was surely the night she would make her arrival. I just felt like it was the night. However, God & our little one have apparently had other plans, so she is still sitting comfy in her temporary home. Well, I say comfy....comfy for her maybe....not so much for me!

I am ready, but I know God has chosen the perfect time for us to meet her. I am to the point where I find myself wondering a lot about what she is going to look like......lots of dark hair like Gracie? mostly bald with some light peach fuzz like Katie? maybe a redhead? Truthfully, I'm hoping for a redhead! :-)

Katie, Grammer, & I are at home tonight while Chris & Gracie have gone to church for a '3rd-5th grade Leadership Lock-In.' Since our church does promotion in June, Gracie is now officially in the 3rd grade as far as church is concerned. When did she get so old?!?!

Chris volunteered to chaperone tonight since I was a little unsure of letting her go 'solo.' Still being new to the church-and with her being one of the youngest ones in the group-I was a little nervous, but I knew she would have a fantastic time and I don't want to hold her back from doing wonderful things just because of my nerves, so Chris wisely volunteered to go along. They needed chaperones anyway, so it may as well as be him!

I got to preview the lock-in schedule our children's coordinator had planned, and it looked like some fun & Biblically based activities. I know Gracie will have a good time! I'm anxious to hear all about it, and I'm hoping she comes home with even more new friends! I'm hoping Chris survives sleeping in the same room as a bunch of 3rd-5th grade boys! Chris left with pleas from me to keep his cell phone handy in case "anything" happens in the baby department, so the two of them can jump in the car and head to the hospital to meet us. Of course, with it being Friday, the 13th, I'd be happy to wait until at least after midnight! Not that I'm superstitious or anything........

Tomorrow, I am taking the girls to a birthday party that someone from church invited them to, and it is also Chris's birthday! 36! He has requested a 'southern style meal' of pork tenderloin, buffet potatoes, lima beans, sweet tea, and some good brownies. Last night, he & I went on a date to "The Melting Pot" which was soooo good!


Kendra said...

Oh the "joys" of waiting for a little one to decide to come! I remember the last few days with Brady - i was DONE. Very DONE.

May your waiting be filled with peace and expectation of the new life to come - blessings on you guys and on the little sweet girl. I'll check back soon expecting to see pics!

Malia said...

Anxiously awaiting "the news" here in TN!! What is your blog plan? (And you know I'm totally serious here, right?) Are you going to have Chris or your mom or someone log in and post updates and pictures? It's what bloggers should do!!! ;)

Glad you had a good date night! Happy Birthday to Chris!

JenniferReinsch said...

Sorry to hear that your still waiting on baby.

I hope Chris and Gracie have recovered from the Lock-in. I took a nice long nap this afternoon. I really appreciate Chris's help with the lock-in. He and the Burdettes made it run so smoothly.