Sunday, June 13, 2010

Disney-Day 3!

Day 3
Tuesday, June 8, 2010
Hollywood Studios!

We were really feeling the fatigue after the past few days, so we were slightly relieved to see that Hollywood Studios was closing at 7 this evening. This meant we wouldn't be tempted to stay til all hours of the least not at this park. We knew we needed to rest some, but it was hard to make ourselves do it when there was so much to see & do.

Chris & I both really liked the look of Hollywood Studios. It had a really neat, vintage Hollywood look to it.

Chris went ahead of us to get Fast Passes for "Toy Story Mania," a ride we knew we must ride while there! We then went to the Playhouse Disney Live show! I was really excited about this show since Ellie & I spend so much time watching this channel at home. She acted shy, etc., but I really enjoyed it! Katie did, too! After all, her 2nd birthday was Jo Jo, her 3rd birthday was Mickey Mouse, and her 4th birthday was Little Einsteins! She KNOWS some Playhouse Disney! Gracie endured it!

Yeah, isn't THIS a great picture?!?! LOL

It was neat to see the Toy Story army men marching around, doing a little show. They were really funny.

While Chris went to check on another Fast Pass, Gracie, Katie, & I went through the area that had lots of Toy Story things, including real live Buzz & Woody!

Ellie wasn't so sure about them!
We watched the "Voyage of the Little Mermaid" show which was really cute. The shows are really amazing!
"Toy Story Mania" actually broke down for awhile, so once it opened back up, we happened to be nearby and were able to get in line before it got too long. We went ahead & waited to ride it, knowing that we had Fast Passes we could use later in the day, thus giving us 2 times to ride it. It was a very, very fun ride! There were all sort of targets to shoot at, and they had the waiting area fixed up really cute (and was inside!) so it didn't make waiting too bad. It was a great ride!

Ellie showing off in her 3-D glasses for the ride!
Gracie doing her best to score some points!

We ran into an army man who wanted to make sure Gracie was safe by making her tie her shoes! It was funny.

We watched a High School Musical show right before lunch.

It was a liiiitle hot while waiting for the show! Ah, such sisterly love!!!!!!

Gracie & Katie both got to get up and dance with the performers.

Our lunch that day was at Hollywood & Vine with the Playhouse Disney characters. The diner was very cute and vintage Hollywood. The food at this one wasn't our favorite, but I think it was Katie's favorite character meal of the week! It was a neat atmosphere.

Jo Jo was the theme of Katie's 2nd birthday, but I'm not sure Ellie even knows who she is. I don't think she's on t.v. anymore. We did love her back in the day though!

Leo! We love the Little Einsteins! They were the theme of Katie's 4th birthday, and Ellie now watches them. They really are a cute, educational show.

Handy Manny!!!!!!!!!! He is loved by Katie & Ellie! Okay, maybe me too! Katie went through a big phase of loving him and asked for Handy Manny tools for Christmas one year. (She still wants real tools!) Ellie watches him all the time now. She says "Manny!" Of course, she mainly pulled her shy act when he came around.

June! Another Little Einstein

June got Ellie to warm up to her by giving her a "bump." Ellie is good at giving bumps! LOL

Here is Katie on the Toy Story Mania ride. I guess this was our 2nd time to ride.

Tower of Terror!!!!!!!! This was a ride for Chris & Katie to ride together! While they rode, Gracie, Ellie, & I walked over to watch "Muppets Vision 3-D." Ellie had fallen asleep on the way over there, so she slept through most of the show. They met us there when they were done.

We had fun "meeting" Tow-Mater (one of my favorites!) and Lightning, too!

While in Hollywood Studios, we also rode "The Great Movie Ride," which was a neat ride that took you through some of the classic Hollywood moments. Chris also rode "Rock 'n Roller Coaster" by himself since Katie wasn't tall enough (much to her disappointment) and Gracie & I opted NOT to! While he rode that, Gracie, Katie, Ellie, & I went to the "Journey into Narnia: Prince Caspian" show. It wasn't that interesting to me.
At this point, we met Chris and decided to head out of the park a little early. We went back to the hotel and ate dinner in the food court then went to the pool for a little bit. By the time we went to bed, it was still pretty late, but it was nice to relax a little bit.
Katie loved walking up the stairs at the hotel because they were inside the bucket o' soldiers! :)
Our room was protected by Woody's sheriff badge!
Day 4 coming...............

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