Saturday, June 26, 2010

Katie's new room; Ellie's birthday party

I was so happy to have Gracie & Katie return home today after being gone for over a week! I know they had a great time in NM going to VBS, but I sure am glad to have them back home! I missed them.

I undertook the project of painting Katie's room while they were gone (still some touching up to do) so I was excited to show it to Katie when they got here. Thankfully, she loves it!

Since Gramps & Gramme were here bringing back the girls and Mike & Erin were coming to get Sara Jane, we decided to have a small family birthday party for Ellie! Last year, she had a big one with friends, so this year we decided to do small.

Of course, even being small, she HAD to have a special cake! Hemali (Katy Cake Girls) always does such a cute job! She has made cakes for me for Gracie's 9th birthday, Katie's 6th birthday, a lingerie shower for a friend at church, and now Ellie's 2nd birthday. Check out her blog!

All of the attention is on Ellie, the birthday girl!

She's not sure about the singing combined with the candles!

She did not like Daddy trying to get her to blow out the candles!

She enjoyed eating the cake though!

so did her sisters!

Of course, she made a mess!

She is anxiously waiting to see what the present is.

Her 2nd birthday doll from Grammer & Pappy!

She liked the fun book from Gramps & Gramme.

Cute shoes from Uncle Mike, Aunt Erin, Sara Jane, & Cullen!
While the bigger cousins play big cousin things, these cute little ones get along just fine and are sooo cute!

Is she hugging him or strangling him?!

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Cindy Deister said...

I LOVE her little table pose in front of the cake! And that wasn't a mess, Jacie! I'll have to find a birthday mess picture of one of the boys...if she could wear the same clothes after eating the cake, that's amazing! ;)