Monday, June 14, 2010

Disney-Day 4

Day 4
Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Magic Kingdom

This was possibly my favorite day! We had been to other parks and realized MK was our favorite and had the whole day set aside to spend more time there. We felt like we knew more of what we were doing, so it wasn't quite as overwhelming.

It was fun when a Disney Cruise Lines bus picked us up to shuttle us to the park rather than the usual shuttle which is decidely NOT a Cruise line bus! I wondered if Chris was surpising me. HA!

We were happy to enjoy attractions we hadn't been to yet and thinking of what we wanted to do again. While waiting for the "Jungle Cruise" in Adventureland, Chris & I had fun 'planning' our next trip to Disney World!
I love this picture I was able to snap while waiting for the Jungle Cruise. So pretty!

I told Chris being a Jungle Cruise 'director' would be his dream job because the guy was SO cheesy & corny with his jokes! LOL It was a fun little ride through the Amazon!

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" was also a fun ride. I LOVE Captain Jack Sparrow! :)

The girls didn't quite understand the whole idea of looking menacing like a pirate next to the cannon! LOL

We had fun exploring the "Swiss Family Treehouse." That's always been one of my favorite movies. After walking through it, Chris declared he wanted to live in a treehouse.

We ate lunch at "El Pirata y el Perico Restaurante."
We didn't stand in line, but I caught a glimpse of Jessie!
Again, I'm not sure I'm remembering everything in exact order, but I think Chris got Fast Passes for Splash Mountain. Maybe it was Rider Swap???? or both??? some point, I rode it with Gracie & Katie. (Ellie was too small.) I really liked it. I didn't know it was so long, but I enjoyed how we wound through the mountain watching the story of Brer Rabbit & Brer Fox through song & characters, etc. The big drop near the end was a bit scary but nice to cool off a bit! Both girls rode it afterwards with Chris. Gracie didn't love it, but she did ride it twice.

We rode the "Walt Disney World Railroad." It stopped at a couple of different places, but we just stayed on until we got back to our original place. Nice relaxing ride through the park.
As I mentioned earlier, one of my favorite rides was "It's A Small World." I think it was definitely Ellie's favorite, so we took another ride on it. It was always good for a fairly short wait.

I think we rode "Big Thunder Mountain" again at some point that day. Gracie, Katie, & I also rode the "Haunted Mansion." It was really pretty creepy. Also at some point, Ellie took a little snooze in the stroller. Katie really wanted to watch the show on the castle stage again, so we were able to watch that. She & Chris went pretty close, while Gracie & I opted to sit in the shade most of the time with Ellie.

Soon after the show was over, it was time to eat at the Crystal Palace with Pooh & friends! It was such a beautiful place and one of my favorite character meals! The princess one might be my favorite, but this one was a close 2nd. The food was really good, and the characters seemed to interact a lot more than some of the others. The setting being so beautiful made it even more wonderful!

As with the other character experiences, Ellie's reaction varied throughout.


Tigger was quite the character!

He flipped Eeyore's ear over his eye. Such a mess, that Tigger! :)

Katie had a good time!

The Crystal Palace is a 'must do' when going to Disney World with young children!
Irode the "Astro Orbiter" in Tomorrowland with Gracie & Katie. I did NOT like it and don't plan to ever ride it again. It wasn't a roller coaster or anything, but it was a ride I simply did not enjoy, but at least I can say I did it.
We decided to ride the "Buzz" ride again before going to save our place for the parade & fireworks.
The parade started at 9:00, with the fireworks afterwards at 10. In order to get a good seat along the parade route, people started lining up b/w 7-7:30. We found a place around 7:30 and hung out. It was well worth the wait to have such a good seat, and the weather was, thankfully, really nice. Chris & I took turns leaving to walk around some. We chose seats right at the end of Main Street. I wanted to sit near there since I loved looking at it so much.
I took Gracie down to the Confectionary where she informed me that she'd "always" wanted one of those big lollipops. So, of course I bought her one. All 3 girls licked on that thing, and it barely made a dent in it. They sure had fun with it though! I also got Katie a "Wonka" chocolate bar.

The parade was amazing! Talk about magical!

No picture I could take could come close to doing justice to the fireworks, but trust me...they were wonderful!
That day at Magic Kingdom was wonderful!!!!!!!
Day 5 coming...........


Julie said...

Oh my goodness! That parade! It's the same one I grew up seeing at Disneyland as a little girl (when we lived 5-min away!). LOVED it! Thanks for all the great details and pics - can't wait for our trip this Fall! Scott's already whining about it. Too bad, so sad is what I say! :)

Rachel said...

When Ben was 2 and we went on the Jungle Cruise, he seemed to enjoy it. A few weeks later he fell into my mom's koi pool (not deep) and when he surfaced, his eyes were as big as saucers and he kept repeating "The HIPPOS will GET ME!!!" Apparently that part of the ride left a lasting impression.

Cindy Deister said...

Cade really enjoyed the picture of Pooh! :) The parade and the lollipop...priceless.

MB said...

Love seeing the girls trying to make a dent in the lollipop! too cute! cant wait for day 5!