Friday, June 25, 2010

updated statuses........

Thinks it's pretty cute that Katie just taught Ellie that 3+3=6 using the toilet paper rolls they're playing with. (5/1/10)

kinda wondered what that draft was in church until I realized it was Ellie pulling up my skirt in the back while we were standing up singing! Well, really, I don't think she succeeded, but it sure felt like she was close...and we were on about the
4th row! (5/2/10)

my day has consisted of many FB birthday greetings, a homemade bracelet, a song written & performed for me, a feverish toddler, a new BIG pillow, mopping, laundry, a husband home early, treats in the mail, and is about to conclude with a trip to Taste of Texas...yum, yum!!!!!!!!!! All part of my wonderful life! ♥ Tha...nk you to all of you who helped make my day special! (5/3/10)

thinks the good thing about uploading a pedometer app is that I could see how far I walked this morning and how many calories I burned! I think the bad thing about it is that I could see that's ONLY how far I walked this morning and ONLY how many calories I burned! (5/4/10)

enjoyed watching Katie break off a small piece of a chip at dinner & pretend it was communion. She explained to me that it represents Jesus' body & the juice represents Jesus' blood. :) (5/5/10)

Is sitting in The Hobby Center with 2 of my favorite girls about to watch "Little House on the Prairie: The Musical." (5/7/10)

Enjoyed my evening with Gracie & Katie. Gracie soaked it all in and loved it-great age for it. Katie slept through the last 30 minutes or so, but I expected that! :) (5/7/10)

is so enjoying sitting here watching a movie and blogging while Chris & the girls clean the house. Now, THAT is a great thing to receive for Mother's Day!!!!!!!!! ♥ (5/8/10)

started the day with a freshly made omelette brought to me to be eaten in bed, worship & Bible Class at church (LOVED hearing about the 3 baptisms at 2nd service!), enjoyed a fantastic chicken fried steak dinner cooked by Chris, had a great nap, more worship with our MCOC family, ate NO dinner (too full!), and is bless...ed to know that my 4 favorite people are upstairs peacefully sleeping. (5/9/10)

sent the girls to school with a fistful of flowers we got out of the backyard. It's Teacher Appreciation Week, and today is the day each teacher & staff member will have a vase on their desk ready to be filled with flowers from the students. I saw some students walking in with much fancier, "store bought" flowers, bu...t ours just came from the backyard. Hope that's okay! (5/11/10)

enjoyed a blessed impromptu Starbucks visit with a sweet friend who gave me a special gift b/c she wanted to do something nice for me AND got to continue celebrating my birthday with another sweet friend (who also got to enjoy the Starbucks visit with us!) Blessed day, indeed! (5/11/10)

Wonders what it is about 9 year old girls that makes it so hard for them to believe that Mommy will be right and even when proven to be right they still want to be stubborn and act like Mom's not right even though she so clearly is?! (5/11/10)

thought Katie did such a cute job singing her song at Fielder Follies and enjoyed watching the other talent as well! (5/12/10)

just got a good laugh out of Katie. She asked if she had time to take a little nap before softball practice. When I agreed, she went to do so. However, Ellie was all about PLAYTIME with Sissy. I told her she should have closed her door. So....she ran into my room with Ellie's cup and put it on the ground, causing ...Ellie to come to get it. Then she RAN back to her room and shut the door! HAHA (5/13/10)

Is glad Ellie is a confident, happy child. However, I wish she wasn't so confident that she felt she could wander off as we walked to the car after softball practice. Once we noticed she was missing, we turned around and didn't see her anywhere. I rushed back to look for her and some ladies said, "Is this one yours?" a...s she toddled towards us, smiling, on the sidewalk. Guess Mommy needs to pay better attention! (5/13/10)

Enjoyed helping at the teacher appreciation luncheon today, complete with yummy food (we got to eat afterwards), Rock 'n Roll trivia, and prizes. I then went to get my hair cut where I was asked TWICE if this was my natural hair color. I thought that was interesting. (5/14/10)

Advises you not to try on bathing suits with your 9 year old daughter in the dressing room. She might use the word, 'jiggly.' (5/15/10)

There is a prayer meeting around the flagpole today @ 2:00 at Fielder Elementary. A 3rd grade little girl list lost her life in an car accident yesterday. Her mother is in critical condition. Please pray for this family. Her father & sister survived. (5/16/10)

1 violinist, 2 electric guitar players, 2 recorder performances, a handful of piano players (at least 5), about 7 parents & 3 little siblings = 'Fielder Follies' for Gracie! I rushed around and prayed to make it there in time due to an appointment I had earlier. I made it with about 3 minutes to spare! I was pleased with the event; very nice performances by all! (5/18/10)

thinks Gracie learned a good lesson today. She played her violin at school, and while we're proud of her for doing it in front of her classmates, fact is she messed up and could have done much better. The lesson comes from the fact that SHE recognized & pointed out that she messed up without us saying it first. She a bit embarrassed which may do more to get her to practice than ANYTHING we ever could have said. (5/18/10)

Had to chuckle as Katie animatedly yet very seriously told me a story about them having a substitute earlier in the week. She had been worried that the sub would rotate their jobs the wrong way and each child would end up doing the job they'd done the previous week. (which apparently would have been a bad thing!) Thankfully, Mrs. B had changed it for them the correct way. I love the way Katie's mind works! (5/19/10)

Is waiting for the Friendship School End of the Year program to begin. Someone forgot to tell me I needed to camp out last night to get a good seat. LOL (5/20/10)

enjoyed Open House and watching the girls interact with teachers & friends as they ran around getting them to sign their yearbooks & autograph book. It was a beautiful night for a picnic in the park next to the school and nice to talk to Gracie's school BFF's family while the girls ran around and giggled. (5/20/10)

as the girls were putting up their art portfolio, Katie started having a meltdown. Why? She had made a picture for me apparently, but she was upset because her art teacher (who she had just excitedly gotten to sign her yearbook) had given her an S+ on the picture. We tried assuring her that an S+ was good. She said, "but it's so far from an A!" (5/20/10)

Thinks it's a small world. We saw a man at dinner w/ an ACU shirt on. I spoke to him, and we started talking to him & his wife. They live right around the corner from us. I pass their street w/in sight of their house probably 10 times a week going to & from school, and she is one of the current asst. principals at the high school we're zoned for. (5/21/10)

Walked up to the photo counter at Target. I asked if the envelope was for the 1 hour. The man said they don't have 1 hour. I looked at the large, permanent sign and said, " says 1 hour." He said, "They don't know what else to call it." Hmmmm (5/22/10)

thinks it'd be neat to own a "Shop Around the Corner" someday. Gracie & I have tentative plans to own one together. It's a nice thought. (5/22/10)

Sang 'His Grace Reaches Me' tonight at church. One of my favorites. I can close my eyes and vividly see David Wheeler, from my childhood church, leading it with his eyes closed. You could tell the song touched him. (5/23/10)

is really looking forward to seeing our 3rd-5th graders do their "Living Bible Museum" tonight! (5/26/10)

is looking forward to a full day: Kindergarten Awards Ceremony (complete with songs performed such as one called, "We Are Party Animals" with sunglasses worn!), attempt to get all my work done afterwards, then back home and get ready for our softball party. Pizza will be served, so at least I don't have to cook! (5/27/10)

Kindergarten Program & "Graduation" was precious. It was fun to watch Katie playing with friends at the picnic. Got my work stuff completed. Now home relaxing on the couch with Gracie while Katie & Ellie take a little snooze. Up next: softball party! (5/27/10)

Katie is loving to read these days and took a book to dinner tonight. A couple of books actually. I love that she has found a love for books....reading & writing; she is writing lots of her own books lately, too! (5/28/10)

"....because sponges do not live in the ocean, they live in the bathroom." Quote by Katie when asking why SpongeBob lives in the ocean. (Yes, my children occasionally watch that show-which I dislike-at the encouragement of their father!) (5/29/10)

had a wonderful day in Galveston with my family. The crowds where we went were light, it wasn't TOO hot if you stayed in the water/shade, I ate some shrimp, we're back home now,I'm not TOO sunburned, everyone's bathed. (5/29/10)

Gracie is reading my blog from 2005 that Chris had made into a book. She is having fun remembering and talking to me about the things she's reading....and THAT is why I blog! :) (5/29/10)

Thinks who needs a laundry chute when you have 3 little girls who love to throw it down the stairs and over the railing?! Now, if we could only teach Ellie what/when it's appropriate to participate in such fun! (5/31/10)

Has 2 daughters who haven't been getting along too well lately, so they've just been punished. Part of the punishment is that they have to sleep together tonight. Maybe a little extra togetherness will do the trick. Or backfire. I'll let you know tomorrow! Ha! (6/1/10)

enjoyed looking through G&K's report cards and G's TAKS report (commended x 3!!!!), and a sweet letter G's teacher wrote to the students. We are SO proud of what a great job they have both done this year! I now have a 1st grader & a 5th grader! Tonight we have a make-up softball game (if no more rain) and tomorrow............ :) :) :) (6/3/10)

Priceless: "We haven't even gotten inside the park yet, and it's already awesome." -quote by Gracie while browsing Downtown Disney (6/5/10)

Is exhausted after a magical day at Magic Kingdom which was full of wonderful things: roller coasters, Peter Pan's flight, Buzz Lightyear meetings, etc. & "hotel room church" with our family. This place isn't fully describable-something that needs to experienced in person. We are blessed to be here and hoping to overnight for a day at Epcot and Storybook Dining with the princesses (6/6/10)

"That is what I've been wanting to see my whole life." quote from Gracie at the completion of the Magic Kingdom fireworks show. That makes our day out going on about 14 hours worth it. (6/7/10)

Is leaving for a day at Hollywood Studios and hoping we have a hotel room when we return. As we were taking pictures, a housekeeper in VERY limited English, communicated (by screaming, shouting, & pointing) that there was a fire in the building next to us. (also Toy Story!) As we were leaving, 2 fire engines & an ambulance came rushing to the resort. (6/8/10)

after 2 long days & late nights of Disney, we came back to the hotel early tonight and are letting the kids enjoy the pool. Today was Playhouse Disney, vintage Hollywood, Toy Story Mania (twice!), Tower of Terror for C&K, etc. Tomorrow is back to Magic Kingdom-our favorite so far! (6/8/10)

We are enjoying a slow start to Day 4, especially our swanky shuttle which is a Disney Cruise Lines charter bus instead of the regular one! Magic Kingdom, here we come!!!! (6/9/10)

Sat on a curb for about an hour and a half saving us good seats for the Disney Electrical Parade and the fireworks afterwards. They were both pretty amazing and really worth sitting there so long. Thankfully the weather was very nice while waiting! Even more amazing though is hearing that a sweet friend in Houston was baptized tonight!!!! :) (6/9/10)

what's that scripture? "Pray continously."? Well, that's what I just did ALL the way through the Mt. Everest roller coaster, with tears in my eyes. Meanwhile, Katie was next to me laughing & yelling, "This is awesome!" (her 2nd time to ride) (6/10/10)

Today was spent at Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios. I'm not ashamed to say that we are WORN OUT but have thoroughly enjoyed the blessing of our week long family vacation! Late this afternoon & evening, we rested & spent time at the pool. The rest of tonight will consist of packing in preparation of spending some las...t minute time at Magic Kingdom tomorrow before heading back home. (6/10/10)

Amid tears from Gracie & Katie, the Shanks family has left Disney World and is headed back to reality. We have had a wonderful week! (6/11/10)

Wonders: when waiting to use a public restroom (yuck anyway) how rude would it be to ask someone if they forgot to wash their hands when they exit the stall and simply leave without doing so?! (6/12/10)

-"Daddy, when are we gonna be in me?" quote by Katie after we told her we were in Houston, but she knew we weren't home yet. KATIE loves that she lives in KATY! :) (6/12/10)

wishes her fabulous husband a wonderful, happy birthday!!!!!!!!!! I am thankful that God has blessed me with such a selfless, loving, giving, Christian man to be my husband and the father of our 3 precious girls! ♥ May our girls be as blessed one day to find a man as wonderful to be their husbands! (6/14/10)

Took the girls to the pool. Katie thinks she can swim. Problem is, she really can't. Bet she will be by the time summer's over. She was excited to see a friend there, but it was hard for her to keep up with floaties on! She sure did try though! (6/15/10)

Is thankful that my 3 little girls have been blessed with having Chris as their daddy! He is a wonderful example of what to look for in a husband one day. I'm also thankful for my own dad who has been a Christian example throughout my life. (6/20/10)

Is glad to be home after attending the beautiful wedding of a sweet girl who used to be a 6th grade student of mine once upon a time. Glad to be home in time to worship with our Memorial family after worshiping with other family this morning. Also, glad G&K are having fun in NM, but I do miss them! (6/20/10)

Is about to attempt painting Katie's room as a surprise to her. I hope she likes 'Laudable Lime,' bright & cheerful, just like her! (6/21/10)

has worked HARD and is TIRED and still has so much to do in other areas of the house, work, etc., BUT......I think Katie will LOVE her new room! Bright enough?! LOL (6/22/10)

was pretty proud of myself for moving all of Katie's furniture around by myself, including her bunk beds. However, I am feeling it today. Ouch!!!!!! (6/23/10)

thinks Ellie figured out why she shouldn't carry a suitcase with wheels on the stairs. If she didn't....there's not a whole lot more I could do to teach her. (6/23/10)

is thinking about our sweet Ellie and what a blessing she is to us. (6/23/10)

wishes her sweet 2 year old, Ellie Hollyn Shanks, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a blessing she is to us in so many ways!!!!!! 6.24.08 at 12:50 p.m. 8 lbs. 3 oz. 20 1/2inches (6/24/10)

& Chris are taking our birthday girl to see Toy Story 3! (Wish us luck on getting to stay for the whole movie!) (6/24/10)

is glad Ellie enjoyed her 2nd birthday. A birthday cake from a favorite babysitter, nice nap, watching Handy Manny, Pooh, & Mickey, going to see Toy Story 3, package in the mail from Grammer & Pappy, sisters sang to her over the phone, new baby doll & stroller, got to stay up late playing. She's so special to us! (6/24/10)

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