Sunday, September 25, 2005

allergies or something more?

Gracie & I are home this morning. She said, "I don't really feel like going to church this morning." This is extremely uncharacteristic for her. This is the girl who cried just last Wednesday when I told her she wasn't going to church because she needed to get to bed early because of not feeling well earlier in the day. I asked her about school tomorrow and she even acted like she didn't want to go there if she didn't start to feel better. I teased her that maybe she just shouldn't go to school anymore at all. She replied, "Well, I want to when I get better."

She has been complaining of a headache on & off for a couple of weeks now. Her throat has been bothering her some as well. No fever, though. For the most part, she's been acting like she feels okay other than the occasional complaint & "pouty" episode. Yesterday, we had a church picnic and were outside in the heat for quite a few hours. She got rather "wilted" while we were there. She does not handle heat well.

I was really hoping that she'd wake up this morning and feel fine. I wasn't even going to ask her how her throat felt because I figured if it felt bad, she'd let us know. She did. She doesn't really act like she feels too bad. She's been smiling and laughing, etc. She wanted to have "church at home." If she stays home from church at any time for being sick, unless she's deathly ill in the bed, she wants to have "church at home." We'll read a Bible story and pray and color, etc.

This morning, the first story we did was "The Wise Man & Foolish Man." I tried to explain the metaphor to my very literal 5 year old. I described how we're supposed to build our lives on God & Jesus and follow them. If we don't, then that's like building our lives on the sand. She said, "But we don't even live near any sand."

Alrighty. Maybe she doesn't get it quite yet, but she's gettin' there! LOL

One of us is going to take her in to the doctor this afternoon. We really think it's mostly allergies but with having the headache for so many weeks, even on & off and now having the sore throat, I'd like to get it checked out. Even if means another $20 co-pay. *sigh*

We're supposed to host Life Group tonight, so that may be changed. If it's just allergies, we'll still host. If it's something else, we won't. We don't want to infect anyone else (any more than we already did by having her at the picnic yesterday!) We had invited some new friends from the neighborhood to come to LG tonight, so I'd hate to have Chris meet them at the door with directions to someone else's house. The chances of them going, especially knowing that they'd be late, are slim, but I don't have their phone number to call them and I'm not sure which house they live in and the other lady I don't even know if she lives right around here. (I met them through school and one of them opened up to me about "looking for something" so I invited her then she told another lady who was very interested as well. Talk about an opportunity to invite someone to Life Group!)

We sent Chris & Katie off this morning with a "Be good for Daddy, Katie!" We'll see how that goes. That sweet girl is at the age where she lasts in church for all of 20 minutes on a good day. In our small congregation, having a nursery attendant is hit & miss, although it has been more hit than miss lately, thankfully. Chris is leading singing, so he was going to try to find someone (probably our minister's wife) to hold her while he did that.

Dear Lord,
Please let Gracie be okay. It is so stressful for me to have my children not feel well. I want a diagnosis and a plan to remedy the problem. Please help this to be just allergies so won't have to worry about something serious or worry about infecting any other children. In Jesus' Name, Amen

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Kate said...

"It's viral." I could be a doctor. LOL Hope Gracie is doing better this afternoon--I hope Katie faired well at church today. I feel so out of the loop! We're going to play it safe and stay in quarantine until tomorrow though. Thanks for checking on me!