Friday, September 23, 2005

Ira Lester Hays

I would encourage you to watch the video of Ira Lester Hay's first few months of life. Only watch it if you are prepared to shed some tears. Honestly, it puts things in perspective. I've been a little worried lately about Gracie's head hurting and her throat hurting. I worry about Katie getting another cold. These things are nothing compared to what Ira and his family are going through.

I read The Hay's family blog often but saw a note about this movie on Kristen's blog today. I knew Joe had mentioned making this movie a few days ago. I'm glad he decided to share it.

Dear Lord,
Please be with Ira. Heal him, please. Be with his parents and his big sister as they, I'm sure, are struggling. Hold him in Your arms and comfort them all.
In Jesus' Name, Amen

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Kristen said...

Wasn't it just the best...I watched it again this morning and it made me so much calmer and ready to start & appreciate every part of our routine, boring day.