Sunday, September 25, 2005

Kids are color blind

I'm so thankful that kids are color blind. I wish the rest of the world was as much so. Since the beginning of the year, when Gracie describes classmates, she's proven her blindness to color. When talking about little girls in her class, she'll use descriptions such as "She's the one with the dark hair who has 1 braid on one side and 1 braid on the other side" or "She has light hair." She never mentions the color of their skin.

Tonight at Life Group, I heard a wonderful interaction between Gracie and one of her little friends who happens to be a different color. They were talking about a doll that they both have named "Annabelle." She's a baby doll that cries and coos and sucks her bottle & pacifier noisily. Quite the sophisticated baby doll. (She was the special gift that Gracie got when Katie was born.) I was putting a cd in to play music while they played with the toys and I heard them talking. It went something like this:

friend: "Oh, Annabelle! I have her, too. She's brown though."

Gracie: "Oh. This one's white."

That was it. It was all said so matter of factly. No question of which was better or even a question of why one was brown and one was white. It simply doesn't matter to them and I'm so thankful for that!

Dear Lord,
Thank you for our sweet innocent children. I think You must surely use them often to teach us lessons and I pray that we will learn from them.
In Jesus' Name,


Kristen said...

That is a sweet story. I guess Jesus knew what he was saying when he said be like little children...their innocense, sincerity, etc. are what Christ wants us adults to be!

TMK said...

You know, adults can suck the joy out of life, but put yourself in the prescence of children, and they give it right back.

elizabeth said...

When Matthew was 2, he called every black woman he saw, Oprah! I think it is so imperative that our children see their parents being color blind. Great post!