Friday, September 09, 2005

first sleepover

We had Gracie's 5 year pictures taken last weekend when we visited my parents in Atlanta. Here are a few of them. She is turning into such a big girl.

She is having her first sleepover tonight! Her best girl friend is coming over to spend the night, and she is so excited! We've got things to make pizza, popcorn, Little Debbie cakes, pancake stuff for in the morning, and we're planning a trip to Blockbuster after we pick up her little friend. I bought them each a disposable camera to take pictures and I got them each a little "princess crown thingie" at our local craft fair this morning. They're also going to sleep in the Princess tent in the living room! Tomorrow, we'll take them both to their other friend's birthday party. They're going to be worn out!

Of course, Gracie had a few concerns about the evening. 1.) She was concerned about the movies at Blockbuster being 'inappropriate. ' I assured her that Blockbuster has children's movies and that one of the reasons God made Mommies was so we could make sure things were appropriate. 2.) She was concerned that they would get scared when they heard the refrigerator making sounds since it's so close to the living room. I assured her that if they get scared they can just remind each other that it's only the refrigerator and they don't need to be scared.
Dear Lord, Thank you for the sweet friends that Gracie has. She's had this little friend, and others, since she was around 9 months old and I pray that they will be life long friends and encourage each other in a positive way throughout their lives. In Jesus' Name, Amen


Thomas said...
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TMK said...

She is just precious! Have fun with the sleep over. It sure sounds like a bunch of fun.

Malia said...

Jacinda, she's beautiful! I know you are a proud Mommy!

My daughter attended her first sleepover this past July. That was such neat "first" thing for her. Kind of a right of passage into the "young girl" phase of her life and out of the "preschool/little girl" phase. Of course she'll always be my baby, my little girl!

BTW, your suggestion about the problem with my blog worked. Great diagnosis!

Kristen said...

The pictures are beautiful -- she is really photogenic. And it sounds like you are raising a beautiful girl on the inside too. That is just too cute that she was worried about Blockbuster.