Thursday, September 01, 2005

those without faith


My mom confirmed for me that in Atlanta (where they live) this was what they saw reported on the news. She had told me earlier in the day (yesterday) that it was at $2.79 then Dad told her when he came home from work it was around $3 something (with people waiting in lines) then later, they saw the $5.87.

She said it was because someone started a rumor that the gas stations were closing at 4:00 and not opening all weekend. Even here in Aiken where the highest I saw was $2.99, there were people waiting in lines. Chris says this compounds the problem because the more demand there is, the higher the prices will go. His little truck is 1/2 full and he says he's not filling up. He could be wrong, but I think he has a point. He also says when the refineries open again, which should be rather soon, that it will go down some.

We are going to Atlanta this weekend and taking some friends with us. We had talked about waiting until Friday to fill up. However, she told me yesterday that her husband had told her to go ahead and fill up because he'd heard the prices were rising. She told me this so I filled up too. I sure am glad I did because I was able to fill up for $2.69 which I thought was alot. We'll be able to make it to Atlanta and drive around there. We may have to fill up before we leave on Sunday. Maybe we can at least make it part of the way back where it may be cheaper.

What do you think of these high prices? Does my husband have a point about "supply & demand"? What are you paying?
I do have family in Mississippi-Great Uncle Bobby & Great Aunt Nette. I think they live in a small town called Lena, an hour or so from Jackson. Mom talked to them and they had gotten power back but still had no water. They're really not anywhere near the ocean so I guess they didn't have any real damage but still no water. It seems insignificant compared to what others have lost, but I still feel for them.

Apparently, my grandmother also has a cousin who lived in Gulfport. They heard that they had gotten out but are assuming their house is lost.

My grandparents used to live in Gulf Shores, AL. I'm glad they've moved to Hunstville. When in Gulf Shores, they only lived 2 miles inland and I don't think they ever left for a hurricane. Mom said this time she thinks she would have been down there dragging them out. I don't know how hard Gulf Shores got hit, but I heard Mobile is underwater and it's not too far away.
I don't understand why so many people stayed in the face of such danger & devastation.
I have faith in God. I know He's in control. I know if it's "well with my soul," I need not fear danger & devastation. Even with this faith, I am still finding myself questioning God. I did this after 9/11 also. I feel kind of guilty for it, but I do question. I wonder how people without faith get through times like this. Does it bring them closer to having faith or farther away?
Dear Lord, Please be with all of the people affected by Katrina. Please give them peace & comfort and help them to rely on You! We know you are in control...please help us to remember it! Please protect these people from any further loss of property & life. Especially be with the little ones who really don't understand why they're not going home. Please help us to be there for these people who need help. Please help us not to take our own safety & possessions for granted. Please help us to teach our children compassion in situations such as these. In Jesus' Name, Amen


Adam Cooper said...

Last night we went ahead and filled the Odyssey. It was 2.99 regular, 3.19 premium. This morning, filled up the Astro (borrowed from mom and dad) at 2.89 regular, 3.17 premiuim. So its not so crazy over here. But people were lined up like crazy all over town yesterday evening.

Malia said...

Hey Jacinda,
Just wanted to let you know I finally posted the tag on my blog. It took a few days for me to have the time to sit down and do it, but it's there now.