Sunday, September 18, 2005

not 'til I'm married

We hosted life group at our house tonight. Gracie and one of her little boy friends (I'll call him "Phil") were spending quite a bit of time back in her room. She doesn't play with this friend very often other than at church and I've heard stories about him trying to kiss one of his little girlfriends so I was kind of keeping an eye on them to make sure the door was kept open. I just had this feeling that I needed to do this.

After everyone left and she went to get her p.j's on, I noticed she was kind of quiet and acted upset. I honestly just thought she was upset that she had to go to bed. I asked her what was wrong. She said, "Phil asked if we could draw but he didn't." I explained to her that there were so many things he wanted to do that he probably just couldn't decide. Gracie is the type who will sit down for long periods of time to read and draw. I don't think "Phil" is this type of child.

I kept asking her if anything was bothering her. Then, it came out. She said, "He kept telling me to kiss him."


Part of me wanted to laugh and part of me wanted to cry. I said, "What did you do?" She replied, "I told him not unless I'm married." (Yes, yes, we have told her that she can't kiss a boy until she's married. Perhaps it's a little white lie, but I don't want her to start kissing boys! One day we'll explain it in more detail.) I asked her what else he said and she said, "He said he wouldn't come back anymore if I wouldn't." I asked her what she said and she said, "I told him I couldn't."

Okay, at this point I was so busy hugging her and kissing her and telling her how proud I was of her that I couldn't help but laugh a little, too. I had to be careful though because if she thinks we're laughing at her, she gets very offended and will begin crying.

So then Daddy came in and I had to recap the story for him. He was also very proud of her and winked at me over her shoulder. Of course then he said, "And you were worried about public school?!?" because this boy goes to our church and attends the Christian school we considered for Gracie to go to.

Now, I'm not so naive as to think that she will really wait until she's married to kiss a boy, but we're very proud of her for doing the right thing as far as we've taught her.

Also, don't think I'm condemning "Phil" either. He's only 5. It was just a great example of how Gracie is listening to us and learning and obeying. I know it won't always be quite so easy, but I can hope, right?!?!

Now Katie........what was she doing while all of this "almost kissing" was going on with Gracie? She was chasing her friend Bryson all over the house! You've never heard such squealing and giggling....from both of them! They were truly big buddies tonight! She may be the one asking for the kisses in a couple of years! Oh, the difference in these 2 girls of ours! We love them both!

Dear Lord,
Thank you once again for Gracie and her sweet heart and spirit of obedience. Help us to teach her the things we need to. Please keep her safe. Please be with Katie as well and help us to be the kind of parents she needs. Thank you for her spirit of energy! In Jesus' Name, Amen


Kate said...

I like that you chose the name Phil--a very modern 5-year-old name, LOL. I had no doubt Gracie could be such an assertive young lady.

As a side note, you may want to mention this to Phil's mom. Evidently he has a track record.

Chris said...

This 5 year-old must have a really good mother.

TMK said...

Sounds like "Phil" needs to counsel with Dr. Phil. Kidding. Gracie is just so cute, he couldn't help himself. Congrats to you and Chris for being such good white-lying parents. I'm all for not kissing until marriage. It just causes trouble!

MDM said...

Cute little story! I want to meet Gracie! Such a strong little woman!! Love it.

Alissa said...

What a sweet, bittersweet maybe, story to share. I agree with Kate about sharing this with his mom, I know that she would want to know so that she can talk with him about it. I know she struggles.

Good for Gracie for standing up for herself...that is a great thing. At least for now, you don't have much to worry about with her! What a blessing!