Friday, September 16, 2005

May they grow to be women of God

After Katie was born, I bought a cd that quickly became my all time favorite in the lullaby category. You know how listening to mere seconds of a song can shoot you back in time & give you a sense of de ja vu? Well, this cd does that for me. It shoots me back to when Katie was a "just born baby" and I'd sit in the rocker nursing her.

After Katie had gone to sleep listening to the cd for a few weeks or so, Gracie asked if she could have a turn listening to it while she went to sleep. She had been listening to it some while it was on in Katie's room and had listened to me singing the songs (and had even begun singing one herself) and she decided she needed to have a turn with it. I readily agreed as I was anxious not to leave her out during those first few months of having a new baby in the house, and I thought it was sweet how she picked up on how this was a special cd. Even now that Katie is 18 months old, we still find the cd floating back & forth between their cd players.

As I was walking down the hallway tonight, I checked on Katie and made sure she was breathing....even risking waking her up by walking into the room far enough to hear her sweet breaths (surely I'm not the only mommy who does that?!?!?). I noticed that Gracie's music was up a little loud when I walked into her room. I also noticed that it was this special cd playing and a song that I especially love the lyrics to was playing right then. I decided to sit down at her little table~in the dark~and listen to those words as I also listened to her precious breaths and watched her sleep. I couldn't help but have a few tears in my eyes as I listened to the words and as I pleaded to God afterwards. The words apply to both of my girls as I'm sure they do to lots of Christian ladies who have precious princesses in their homes.

Here are the words to this particular song:
Bless My Daughter
May she have the faith of Sarah
May she be as loyal as Ruth
May she have the wisdom of Deborah
Always seeking truth, always seeking truth
Father above, bless my little one
May she grow to be a someone of God
May her prayers be heard like Hannah's
May she have the favor of Esther
May she be a helper like Priscilla
Always sharing love, always sharing love
May she have the joy of Elizabeth
May she have the strength of Abigail
May she have a heart like Mary
Always praising God, always praising God
Father above, bless my little one
May she grow to be a woman
A woman of God
I stood there in Gracie's bedroom and asked God to please let this please let my daughters grow up to be women of please let them question things enough to strengthen their faith but not enough to turn them away from it. I don't know if that makes sense. What I mean is that I want them to question things enough as they grow older so that their faith becomes their own, but I don't want their questioning to be such that it gets them off track. Anyway. God knows what I mean.
Here are a few of the lyrics from some of the other songs on the cd.
"May you live in the circle of God's blessing, completely surrounded by His love....."
"Lord, I dedicate, yes I consecrate, my daughter to You, for Your purposes, for Your perfect plans....."
"In God's perfect time, He made you who you are, and in God's perfect time, He placed you in our God's perfect time, You'll take your Father's hand, and in God's perfect time, You'll be everything He planned."
The cd this song came from is called Bless My Little Girl:Songs of Love & Blessing from a Mother's Heart. I got this at a Christian bookstore here in our small town, but I've seen it at Family Christian Stores, also. They have one of these for boys also and I think a "generic" one, too. I highly recommend it.


God'sAwesomeChicks said...

just read your blog and it is incredibly touching... i'm going to be downloading that song you mentioned as soon as i get a chance now coz as i was reading the lyrics it really spoke to me about stuff that has been going through my mind... i really feel if enough people could get a look at this it would honestly change hearts around the world... oh and i'm a christian too so i understand where the song's heart is and i admire the fact that you want that for your beautiful daughters. god bless...

Deana Nall said...

We took Julia to a Third Day concert and now she has a CD player and CDs in her room. She likes to blast the Third Day songs that are a little more hard rock. I think the days of lullabies are gone for her. At Libby Lu the other day, she wanted a shirt that said "I love it loud."

Kate said...

I have the boy version--and it tugs at my heart the same way! Of course, you were with me when I bought it. I haven't taken it out of his cd player since.

Malia said...

ok, this week I'm buying the girl and boy versions and a cd player for my son's room!!

Thank you for sharing those precious moments with us and no, you are not the only mom who does that! :-)