Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dear Myself

Gracie had been writing in her journal yesterday morning and had left it sitting on the coffee table. I love seeing what she writes so I picked it up later in the day to browse through it. I started laughing so hard when I saw what she had written. It is a really fuzzy picture but it says, "Dear Myself," and continues on to tell about how she is excited to jump in the jumpers. (We had those big inflatable bouncers at our Family Day Picnic yesterday.) I thought that was so funny! Not only does she talk to herself but she now writes to herself as well! Of course, isn't that kind of what blogging is?!?!
Katie totally adores "Mr. Ben." He is one of the elders at our church and for some reason she has really taken to him lately. When we go to the building for playgroup he'll sometimes come out to the car to see if we need help getting in or open the door or come down to where we're playing. She'll say, "Ben! Ben!" It's so cute to see them hold hands and walk down the hall. I know it makes him happy and I truly enjoy seeing my children interact with the older members of our congregation. I think that's so important!
The Family Day Picnic was a success. Everyone pitched in so well to help "take down VBS." It didn't take nearly as long to get it all down as it did to get it all put up! After we got home, the girls & Chris were heading towards a nap. I decided to run away from home for just a little bit. I went to a movie~by myself and got a pedicure. I went to Hobby Lobby & Target then headed home. Chris got the girls fed then we gave them baths and put to bed. After relaxing together for awhile, Chris went to the movies~by himself. I wrote some thank you notes and headed to bed just shortly before he came home. Since he'd taken a nap, he ended up staying up late. (It was already after 1 when he got home but he stayed up even later!)
Katie did great this morning going to Bible Class~no fussing! Yea! I guess the other day was a fluke. I just hope it doesn't happen again! We went to Applebee's with a gift card someone had given us. The girls & I napped this afternoon while Chris went to the gym. Life Group was tonight where we had a very good discussion about when Jesus comes back to earth and where exactly a soul goes when a Christian dies (Heaven right away vs. Paradise???) and what form we'll have in Heaven etc. etc. etc. etc. Some deep things that we pondered. We kind of ended up concluding that we as humans see things in such an "earthly form" and Heaven is going to be so "un-earthly" that there's just no way for us to fully comprehend it. We just need to believe, follow the Bible, and trust in God! I liked what one person said, It only took God 7 days to make the world and look how great it is. Jesus has been gone from the earth for over 2000 years and has been preparing Heaven for us. Imagine how wonderful it will be!
My friend Holly had her baby boy this week. Welcome to the world, Andruw!
Gracie starts swimming lessons this week. She needs prayers for courage as she is very nervous! I think the teacher probably needs prayers too for the ability to deal with a 5 year old who's probably going to freak out!
Miss Suzanne who I mentioned a few weeks ago has a return of cancer.
Dear Lord,
Thank you for Andruw's safe arrival to this world! Please be with Kate who is anxiously awaiting the birth of her little girl. Give her comfort & peace. Please guard my friend Lecia who is having surgery tomorrow. Help the surgery to be successful and help her to have comfort & peace as well. Please give Gracie strength & courage as she goes to her swimming lessons this week. Help me to give her what she needs in order to feel secure. Please protect both of my girls spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically. Help Chris & I to parent in such a way that will please You! Help me to use any adversity that I face to make me stronger for You. Thank you for Suzannne's courage & strength. She gives encouragement to so many with her positive attitude. Please heal her! Continue to be with Micheal as he is moving to rehab tomorrow. Please heal him and don't let him be paralyzed anymore. Please be with my friend Cindy who is struggling with a family situation. Comfort her.
In Jesus' Name,


Kimberly said...

I love that point you made about how wonderful Heaven will be-I never thought of it that way. You're right, He has been working on it for over 2000's going to be more incredible than I could ever imagine! So fun to think and wonder about! Just gotta make sure I'm doing my best to get myself there!

jettybetty said...

Gracie's gonna be a great blogger!

Amen! I think heaven's gonna be incredible--however God wants to make it all happen!