Friday, July 21, 2006

for God's glory

One of the songs on our VBS cd has really gotten my attention lately. They are all really good songs but I wanted to write about this one right now. Here are part of the lyrics:

Everything we do can be used by you
so we give it our best
and we ask for you to bless it
Everything we do can be used by you
when we live by your commands
you will take the work of our hands
and use for your glory
Everything we do!
I think this song really spoke to me this week because we had a meeting at church about some new curriculum for Bible Classes. I said I would come up some things to go along with the curriculum for one of the classes and I was kind of stressing about it: will people like it? will I do alot of work for nothing? what if people criticize it? what if I mess up? what if it doesn't get used? etc.
I heard this song and felt better. I figure God knows our hearts and He is in control and we want His will to be done so I should pray and do my best and let Him guide the effort. JettyBetty had blogged today about her job and she said that she prayed that God will use it for His glory somehow. I'm sure he will!
We went to Chick~Fil~A tonight with one of Gracie's little school friends, Hunter, and his family. Truth be told, if she had a boyfriend, he'd be it! But, since she's waaaay tooooo young for that (and we tell her that!), they're just good friends, but they sure do like each other alot! He had gone on vacation to Gatlinburg a week or so ago and bought her 2 presents~with his own money! I thought that was so sweet! At the Disney store, he bought her a "Dory" stuffed fish and he also bought her a cup that says 'Best Friends' on it. They really get along so well and just seem to be comfortable talking and playing. Sure, they disagree at times but they usually just work it out.
When they were playing on the playground, Gracie came running out in her bare feet *yuck* and said, "Khamron's here!" Khamron is certainly one of the sweetest little boys from her class last year. I truly loved that kid! He has manners which are shown by his politeness and he was always a joy to work with when I'd tutor. And smart! Boy, that kid can read! Anyway, it was fun to watch them play. When they were leaving, he came over and gave me & Gracie a hug! He's just so sweet! I would love for he & Gracie & Hunter to all be together again next year. He was there with his aunt and she was surprised that Gracie was their age. She is small for her age but I assured her that yes, she was. Although she's not even 6 yet and Hunter was 6 in October and I think Khamron was 6 quite awhile back too, so she really is quite a bit younger but still in the same school grade.
We went to the GAP tonight at our mall. It happens to be a GAP outlet store and they were having a sale! I mean, a sale! They had some cute baby sandal for 30% off $2.97! Katie's foot was too fat and I was soooo sad! I bought a couple of baby gifts and my friend found some denim capris & khaki capris for Gracie for cheap! They are sooooo cute and I've been wanting something like that that she can wear with all sorts of different shirts. They're 6 slim and adjustable waist so they can be worn for a looooong time! (Seriously, I know it may be considered rude to talk about how much things cost but I think these pants were originally $19.99 and I got the denim ones for $6 something and the khaki ones for $4 something!) I even bought a skirt for $4 something and a dress for $9 something. BARGAINS!
Chris just about has Katie's room finished and I love it!


Malia said...

While I'm glad that you have found inspiration and comfort in the words of that song, I have to admit they bother me. I'm not saying that I do it right or have it all figured out (far, far from it) but it just seems to me that so many times we (ME) live our lives asking God to bless what we are doing instead of first seeking his will. Sort of a "here's what I'm going to do Lord, please bless it and make it fruitful" instead of "Lord, show me what you want for me to do". I'm not criticizing you or JB here, this is just an attitude that I've been struggling with personally and have been seeing in others lately. - Sorry! I'm such a non-confrontational person usually but I wanted to say how I felt, but not offend either!

Ok - something else less uncomfortable :-) - Sweetpea starts swim lessons next week, we are so excited about that. And sales are great, I often "brag" about how much I saved on things bought on sale, so no I don't think it's rude to talk about the prices! I once bought a dress that originally had been tagged at $100, had gone on sale 50% off and then ended up another %50 off and I got for $25!! Never buy retail!

jettybetty said...

I know what Malia is talking about is a huge problem for me, too. I can pray about something and still not know I am doing what God wants because I know I am so selfish--I could be hearing what I want to hear. I think it's so hard.

I think I *know* Jacinda well enough that's probably not what she meant here. We all come from such different places on this--for years I didn't even understand my life is all about bringing glory to God--how did I miss that???

I love your sale tales--the motto at our house--any fool can pay full price! I love sales--and they were so helpful when trying to keep growing kiddos in clothing!