Sunday, July 02, 2006

on the mend???

~~I added a few pictures after I originally posted~~

on the sick front~I stayed home with the girls this morning & Chris stayed home tonight. It's not like they're really, really sick but trust me....there have been "evidences" of sickness. Their little bodies just aren't quite back to normal, although since this afternoon they've been fine so maybe, just maybe they're on the mend. How many times can I say that before it's finally the case?!?!

yesterday~We stayed pretty close to home. I did run some errands and I mowed the front yard last night. *whew* I'm not used to doing that! I really kind of enjoy it but I got the worst blisters on my heel. *ouch* Chris had cut down some bushes in front of the porch so he worked on digging up the roots. We went to Sonic for a little liquid refreshment, drove around a little to see what other people put in front of their porches and came back home. We watched a couple of movies.

today~Well, like I said, I stayed home with the girls this morning. We had "church" together. Well, Katie wasn't so into it, but Gracie was. We sang and prayed and had a lesson on "The Fruits of the Spirit." I had been wanting to do a Fruits of the Spirit lesson with her for awhile now so I was glad to do it. She listened & discussed well and did a little craft that we put up near her bed. (She likes to "display" the things she makes.) We cleaned this afternoon. Chris stayed home tonight while I went to Life Group and out to eat. Gracie shed tears over not being able to go to Life Group so I think they did a "Larry Boy" lesson together. Chris is now at a late movie with friends. All I can say is that he is going to be sooo tired at work tomorrow!
I have been looking at some book series for Gracie. I was thinking about getting her some for her birthday but am now thinking of looking awhile longer and getting some for Christmas. I was looking at the American Girl series but then a faith based series that looks similar caught my eye. I have requested a catalog for A Life of Faith series. It looks pretty good and I'm anxious to get the catalog. I am also interested in the Sisters in Time series. If anyone knows anything about either of these series~or the American Girl series~I'd love to have input.
This summer has been racing by so quickly. We still have quite a bit of time left, but it seems that we have so much planned for the remaining time. This next week I have a PTA meeting to talk about the upcoming year plus getting ready for VBS (all the while hoping the girls are well!) Next week (10th-14th) is VBS each night Monday-Friday with a "family day" planned for Saturday. Week after that is swimming lessons. Granted that's only 30 minutes in the morning, so that week should be pretty relaxing. The next week we will be getting ready for Gracie's birthday party and family coming into town. Week after that will be pretty free, then we'll have school registration on August 9th and then 1st grade starting on the 14th. Trust me, I'm getting emotional already so be ready for some "sappy" blogs coming up in the next month or so! I guess we really do have some good down time coming up within these weeks, but things just seem to go so fast. Sometimes I want to say, "stop!" to the way time is passing and truly take the time to enjoy things and not take them for granted.
I talked with such an inspiring lady yesterday. Her name is "Miss Suzanne." She has cancer for probably the 3rd or 4th time. I called her to ask about something concerning VBS and I asked her how she was feeling. She has such an amazing attitude! She had some tests done and was having to wait until next week for the results. Her attitude was, "The results will be whatever they will be." She commented that she would like a break for at least a few months. She said she doesn't ask that she not have cancer, just that she have a little break. I guess if the latest results aren't good she's kind of out of options as far as medicine. Her viewpoint is that if she can just have a break for a few months then by the time she needs more medicine they'll have come out with something new she can try. She is so sweet and so full of positive thinking and trust in God! I love knowing people like her!
I told Gracie this week that she needs to remind me each day that we need to be reading our Bible everyday. I have a real problem with doing that...I won't deny it. I know it makes God sad and I know I need to. I just don't make the time for it. Telling Gracie is my way of hoping that she'll "bug me" about it. I need accountability.
Here is Katie during one of her sweet moments....playing quietly by herself. I love moments like this!

Dear Lord,
Thank you for my husband and for my sweet girls. Please be with the rest of our summertime together as a family and help us to appreciate this time. Help us to value each other and not take anything for granted. Thank you for letting Gracie have such a good Kindergarten year and help her 1st grade year to be wonderful as well. Protect her spiritually, physically, emotionally & mentally. Be with Katie as she grows and learns more each day. Please help her to learn how to control her little 2 year old temper and to be sweet. She can be so sweet but sometimes it seems that she forgets about being sweet. Help me to teach her how to act. Thank you for all the times she makes me heart melt because there certainly are those times along with the frustrating ones. Help me to be the kind of mother you want me to be. Please help me not to stress but to trust in You! Please be with my friends, Kate & Holly, who are about to have new babies, along with my blog friend, Stephanie. Keep them & their babies safe. Please help our VBS to be something pleasing to you and let the kids learn something & enjoy it as well!
In Jesus' Name,

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Meredith said...

Cassidy has read almost all of the American Girl series and they are very good for little girls. They have lots of good moral stories and I notice the other day that our Family Christian Bookstore sells them along side of the other series you were talking about. I love the history and character building lessons that are in each book, IMHO.