Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kelsi's Kind Heart

Chris & I used to live in Texas. I started ACU in August '91 and didn't leave Texas until May 2001. Of course, I did spend some of those summers back home in Atlanta before I got married in August '94.

We lived in Abilene, Lubbock & Uvalde, in that order. While in Uvalde, there was a little girl named Kelsi Robinson who attended our church who suffered from Cystic Fibrosis. We didn't know the family well but the town was small enough that pretty much everyone knew about her. Kelsi passed away in March at the age of 13. She suffered terribly for a good portion of her life and I know she is missed greatly by her family.

Every now & then, Chris & I will read the Uvalde paper online. It's fun to read some of the articles and see if we know anyone. Since this is quite the small town, chances are we usually know at least one person in one of the articles. I'm especially interested in reading the school board meeting updates & stories about the school district in general. Uvalde is where I taught 3 of my 4 years and I'm always interested in seeing if I know any of the teachers, administrators or students mentioned.

Today when I was reading it, there was an article about Kelsi and it mentioned a website that her parents have started. It is called "Kelsi's Kind Heart." I went to the site and browsed through it. One of the pages on the site is called Random Acts of Kindness and it talks about different little things we can do for people to show kindness. Apparently Kelsi was the kind of person who often did these types of things for people. At the bottom of the page, it said to contact Kelsi's parents if we knew of a sick child and they would send them a care package. I emailed Michelle, Kelsi's mom, and told her about Carley, the little girl at Gracie's school who suffered from the brain tumor last year.

I didn't know if I'd hear back from Michelle but this evening she called me! I had probably spoken to her once or twice when we lived in Uvalde, but she said she did remember me from before we had children. (Uvalde was predominately our "pre-children" days!) She thanked me for my words I'd written her and wanted Carley's address so she could send her a care package. Her grief is still very fresh of course but she said doing things like this help alot.

She also asked me to please get the word out about the website to anyone I could. I assured her that I would do so. Please take a moment to look at the website and maybe drop her a note of care & encouragement. I know she could use it.

Kelsi's Kind Heart
Off topic.......if any of you have any Bible reading recommendations, please comment on the last post. Thanks!

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jettybetty said...

What a wonderful way to remember their daughter! I really was encouraged by the positive spirit of their website. What a way to deal with grief--do something for someone else--I so believe God is being glorified!