Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mundane post

My favorite toilet bowl cleaner: Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner (Rain Clean Scent)
My favorite kitchen/bathroom cleaner: Clorox Disinfecting Wipes (Lemon & Fresh Scents)
Here's my bargain of the week: I needed Pull-Ups for Katie last night. (One day, I promise she will be potty trained!) Chris knew I was going out and wanted a Starbucks. In our little town, the only place to get one is at Kroger. I debated with whether to go to Wal Mart to get the Pull Ups since I knew they'd be cheaper and then go to Kroger for the coffee or just bite the bullet and pay a little more for the Pull Ups at Kroger. That way I'd only be stopping once. (The 2 stores are basically right across the street from each other so it's not like I'd have to use alot of gas either way.)

I did have a $2.00 off coupon for the Pull Ups so I was already happy about that. When I was at Kroger, I noticed the Pull Ups had a '$1.50 off' coupon stuck on the package. I didn't figure I could use both of the coupons at the same time but got them anyway. Lo & behold (what does that mean anyway?!!?) they did let me use both of them so I got the Pull Ups for $3.50 off! Now that's a good deal! AND I didn't have to drive to 2 places to get our Starbucks! (I know, I know, the little things in life make me happy!)
Gracie had a sleepover with her friend Kira Sunday night after Life Group. They had such fun! Kira said to Gracie, "I wish you were my sister!" When I left them at 11:45, they were in the Princess tent. When I checked on them 10 minutes later, they were in her bed. When I checked on them at 5:30 am, they were both back in the tent! They had alot of fun and put up with the little 2 year old sister remarkably well. Kira is an extrememly sweet & polite friend that I'm glad Gracie has!
Welcome to the world, Greenlee Savanna! Kate (who used to blog) had her precious baby girl Sunday morning!
I've got menus to plan, goodie bags to make, a house to clean, etc. for this weekend. My parents and my brother, sister-in-law and 2 nieces are coming for Gracie's birthday! We'll have a "family party" Friday night and a "friend party" (bowling!) Saturday morning. We plan to go to this awesome catfish place Saturday night with family then I plan to fix a roast for Sunday dinner (I copied the recipe out of MDM's comments the other day!) It will be a busy but great weekend that will fill our memory banks with happiness!
I was humbled yesterday~I'm not sure if 'humbled' is the right word. I found out that alot of things have been done/are being done for a couple of families at church that I really didn't know about. I guess it just humbled me because it reminded me that sometimes I don't know what some people are doing to help~and it's really probably not any of my business anyway. There have been some large things done financially for at least one of these families and it's all been done relatively quietly.

I'm just impressed at some of the things that have been done and hope to one day be in a position to help others that way. I also hope that I'll look for opportunities to serve in ways that I already can. I may not can help financially like some people have, but I can serve in so many other ways that don't cost much. I hope that I'll do so. It also made me feel "less sorry" for myself because we really don't have it all that bad. Sometimes it's easy to think, "Oh, I wish I had a better........" or "This is broken and not so great. Let's get a new one." Some people are so much worse off and never complain and always have a smile for others. I hope I will always count my blessings. I grew up with my dad telling me that over & over. "Count your blessings, daughter" is what he'd say.
Our family had an opportunity last week that presented itself. It just wasn't the right opportunity.


Erica said...

I pray often that we will one day be in the position to help others in hard times financially. Right now all I can do is pray, encourage, and listen. Which I suppose is a gift from God too. They need all of that right? I have witnessed our old church helping so many faithful servants in their time of need and it was such a blessing. We all have our role and should feel that it is just as important as the others. All this to say I understand where you are coming from. Thanks for blessing me with your words on many occassions.

MDM said...

You guys are gonna love that roast!! My friend Laura is a great chef. I too would love to be serving more than I do. I always feel like I don't have time. I don't have time not to.

Rachel said...

Yay for bargains! I've started buying the target brand pullups; they work just fine and have Carebears on them.

Thanks for the heads up about the kitchen. I managed to find one online on sale and with free shipping. I'm considering it for the girls "big" Christmas present...

Kids grow up too fast, don't they? Happy Birthday Gracie!

Jacinda said...


I got mine free shipping too and it was the "big" Christmas for my girls last year!