Wednesday, July 26, 2006

recommended Bible reading

I have a question for my friends out there. I've been trying to set aside time each day (trying!) to read the Bible with Gracie. I don't mean from a Bible storybook or a child's devotional book but just the good 'ole Bible. I feel it's important for her to see us reading it and to get into a habit of reading it. She has her own Bible that is NIRV (New International Readers Version...basically an NIV written in simpler words & phrases for ages 6-10...still the "real" Bible) and she enjoys reading it while we're at church and stuff but I want her to get into the habit of reading it each day and learning from it. When school starts, I'd like to have this reading time at breakfast before we leave for school.

I'm having trouble knowing exactly what to read to her from the Bible. I have done some different things. I'll ask her to tell me a story she'd like to hear and I'll find that and read it to her. I've read her a couple of the stories of the characters from VBS, and I've been reading some of Proverbs to her.

The problem is I'm not sure if she's getting anything out of it. Even the stories have so much that aren't in the typical children's Bible storybook that I'm afraid it's confusing her. When I read the story of Esther to her, if I said the word v-i-r-g-i-n once, I said it 5 times! She never asked me what it was but I was nervous that she was going to. Maybe that's not a big deal but it was a cause of concern for me. In Proverbs, there are some things that seem like they would be confusing to her. The funny thing is that sometimes I think she's probably not paying attention or doesn't understand and then she'll comment about something and it shows that she is listening. Other times, she just sits quietly and doesn't comment.

Of course, we still have our Bible storybooks and our "life application" type stories and our Veggie Tales Devotional book and all of those wonderful books for children that we will still read to her. I just know that I need to read the Bible more and feel I should begin encouraging her to read it daily also.

Just to give you an idea of what she is capable of for those who may not know, she is almost 6 (I have until Friday!). She has completed Kindergarten and can read well above grade level. She can read from her Bible very well. She is a very literal child, inquisitive about things and into "following the rules." That doesn't mean that she always does everything right but she's the type that will tattle on herself if she even thinks she's done something wrong. Based on her age and where she is maturity wise, can any of you recommend to me specific parts of the Bible that we could read to her~or she could read to us? I think it's important to read the "real" Bible to her even though she is young. I don't want to shy away from it just because parts of it may be a little too "old" for her right now (think Song of Solomon or Revelations!) but I want to read the parts that she'll get the most out of. Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance!


jettybetty said...

First, I admire you for reading the Bible with her every day! That is so wonderful!

She's 6, so I would probably define virgin--as a lady that's not married. If you don't think that's enough info for her--then you can add to it. I think it's hard to know how to give them enough, but not too much--but God will guide you on that.

I think Luke is a great place to start with young readers. You could stay ahead of her and come up with application questions (along with the story line questions) that might keep her more interested. If there are parts of the scripture you think are way over her head--you can skip them???

For instance in Luke 1:1-4--you can talk about why Luke wrote his book--if God helped him--why he would write for Theophilus--whatever you know would interest her. Keep her hooked on reading her Bible!

You are doing great--as long as she would read the Bible with you--I would do it--let God give the understanding as she matures!

Jacinda said...

Thanks Betty.

I was hoping you'd comment 'cause I knew you'd say something smart!

Don't admire me too much because this is something I *want* to do with her much to get ME in the habit as HER. I just know it's important and hope I *will* do it daily.

Thanks for the recommendation. I just kind of felt like I wasn't sure where to start.

jettybetty said...

Just your willingness to start speaks loudly to me! God will honor your heart and Gracie's too! That is exciting to me!!

Rachel said...

I was really interested to see what suggestions you received in response to this for my own selfish reasons ^_~ (Now I know where to start reading to Benjamin)

Anne said...

Yeah, great goal! Thanks for asking for my opinion! I wouldn't put too much pressure on yourself though. You wouldn't want to make it seem like a chore or tedious- you want her hooked on reading her Bible like JB mentions!

And Jettybetty- that's exactly the definition for virgin I used for my daughter! :)

My own daughter who is about the same age as yours, Jacinda, loves Old Testament stories straight from the Bible. She also loves hearing about miracles that Jesus performed. The other day we read the story of how Isaac met his wife Rebekah. I love that one!

I know you are not asking for more book recommendations, but a book that we really love is Egermeier's Bible Story Book. It's at:

I love it and would read through it even w/o kids. It is very thourough, but splits things up into stories that are easy to go then look up in the regular Bible.

We will read a story out of it, and then go look it up in the regular Bible and read it again from there.

This is what works for *us* at this time. Praying that God will show you what to do!

Let us know, OK? :) :)

What does your husband suggest?

P.S. *reminder to self* I need to remember to add you to my blogroll.

Alissa said...

Jacinda, I would maybe read some of the Psalms. She will probably notice lots of the "campy" type songs that she knows in there or some of the little kiddie songs that she knows from her little cds and tapes. She would probably think that is cool.

I would maybe add to the definition of a virgin and say something about her being modest and pure. Mostly b/c I know that you have mentioned those kinds of things to Gracie. Mary wasn't some person that needs to be worshipped, but she WAS a very special, virtuous woman, with a job that I wouldn't envy.

You might also look into getting a book sort of like Illustrated Manners and Customs of the Bible. That way, if you run across some cultural thing that is hard to explain or that you aren't really sure how to describe, you would have somewhere easy to go to look for good answers for both of you. Our copy comes in handy all the time.

Part of our homeschooling is Bible reading and I am really excited about it!