Monday, July 17, 2006

You know what my favorite thing is?

Swimming! That's what my very timid almost 6 year old said this morning after her very first swimming lesson. Swimming is her favorite thing. She also told her daddy that she can't wait to go back tomorrow! Yippee for Zach being a great swim teacher! He was probably about 17 years old and not real talkative but did a great job. For some reason, Gracie allowed him to do things that she never would have allowed Chris or I to do. (We know because we've tried!) Of course, my kids always tend to be better for other people than for us anyway! One of her little friends from school last year had taken lessons earlier in the summer and her mom told me last week that if we got Zach it'd be good because he did a good job.

Gracie did SUCH A GOOD JOB! I am SO PROUD OF HER! I really couldn't have asked her to do much better! I prayed about it; we prayed about it; we talked about it and God really pulled through on giving her courage. She didn't do everything Zach wanted her to do but she didn't cry or fuss or whimper or anything like that. She did the little nervous giggle that she gets when she's scared & nervous. She just really did super!

Katie wanted so bad to be in the pool with her. She kept inching closer & closer. She'd say, "My turn!" and "Takea hoff my shoes." (translation: take off my shoes) One time she even said, "Peas, Mommy." (translation: please, mommy) I really did feel for her. I guess maybe next year we'll look at getting her in to some lessons. I'm going to take them out into our
little kiddie pool in just a little bit.

Here are some pictures from her first day.
Don't you just love the relaxed way she practices floating on her back?!!? HA!

Dear Lord,
Thank you for helping my sweet girl to be brave! Please help her to learn how to safely enjoy water. Help us to know how to fully trust You!
In Jesus' Name,


Kristen said...

Way to go Gracie! Sometimes kids just like to surprise us, don't they?

elizabeth said...

Bless Katie's heart. It is so hard for the little ones to hear that they aren't quite ready to do what their big siblings do. We deal with this on a regular basis in our house!

Yeah for Gracie! What a proud moment for both of you!

jettybetty said...

Hope Gracie's continuing to enjoy her lessons! Sounds like by next summer you will HAVE to find something for Katie!!!