Friday, July 21, 2006

She completed it!

Certificate of completion....that's what Gracie got today from her swimming teacher. She completed Level 1! We're really proud of her. By no means can she really swim yet, but her confidence level and the amount of new things she did this week is great! We would like to put her into Level 2 lessons, but I'm not sure if it will be this summer or not. I would like to but I'm just not sure if the timing will work out. He said she probably wouldn't pass the Level 2 test at the end because of some of the things they have to do but I'm sure it would help her increase her abilities and she could always take the class more than once. She started doing so much better about putting her head back when he would help her to float. Here's Monday's picture and here is Wednesday's picture:
She also got so brave about going under, even without holding her nose.He would put rings & things down there for them to try and get. She never could get it off the very bottom but she went under alot trying! Sometimes she wouldn't go all the way under but would at least get her face wet and then other times she would go under all the way. She did great with it!

Chris was able to videotape the lesson (with a little help from an extension cord borrowed from the swim manager because someone~not me~forgot to charge the battery last night. I'm glad we'll have this addition to all of our other "Gracie movies."
Last night we went out for pizza and Katie was hilarious! Let me tell you, this little girl has some personality and it is least to us it is. She is talking in complete sentences much more often now and if she thinks it, she's going to say it. The waitress brought us our plates before the pizza got there. As she was walking up, Katie said, "I wan some." The waitress set the plates down and walked away and Katie turned around, held out her arm (like she was flagging her down) and said, (very loudly) "Hey! I wan some pissa!" It was funny although we tried to tell her that that certainly was not a nice way to talk to a waitress!
Chris has been painting Katie's room this afternoon and the girls & I went outside into the little kiddie pool. Yes, even I got in. It's a hot day and it's big enough for me to sit in and read. Of course, I had Chris drag it over to the other side of the yard farthest away from the road so hopefully noone driving by saw me! We live on a corner and the side closest to the road is fenced in but not with a privacy fence or any shrubs to block the view. I certainly didn't want to prance around in my bathing suit in front of all the neighbors! *shudder*

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janjanmom said...

We put our kids in swimming lessons for two years but our kids did not learn to swim until we got a deep easy set pool that they could really swim in. It was the best $200 ever spent!(cheaper than lessons)(lasted 2 years, $300 this year when we replaced it!) Now they all swim like fish-Lilly has been swimming since she was about 3 1/2. EXPOSURE to water takes away the fear and then they swim.

Spend the rest of the summer in every pool you can and she will improve by leaps and bounds!!