Monday, October 10, 2005

busy Monday

Life is busy and getting busier!

We had alot going on today:
*Left the house around 7 to walk Gracie to school.
*Came home & did a few things.
*Left the house again around 10:20 to go up to the school. It's "School Lunch Week," so all the K parents were invited to come eat lunch with their child. Chris met us up there. School lunch...yum! hamburger, carrot sticks, applesauce (really tasted like apple pie filling) & a moon pie. (The adults did get to drink tea rather than having to drink milk.) Katie enjoyed dipping the carrot sticks in the applesauce. She actually ate them and didn't choke on the raw carrot like she sometimes does, so all was well!
*Came home & put Katie down for a nap.
*Chris had come home to get a couple of things before heading back to work and we got a strange phone call that I won't go into completely. Suffice it to say that we got conned into doing something I guess we shouldn't have done, but our hearts were in the right place and God knows that. Like my mom said, "It's better to help someone and then find out they didn't really need it than to not help someone and then find out they did really need it." Because of this phone call, I woke Katie up and drove for about 20 minutes then came home and put her back to bed. Thankfully, she did fall asleep again.
*Did a few more things then had to basically wake Katie up again to go get "Sissy" from school.
*Went to get our hair cut. (& eyebrows done. ouch!)
*Came home and did some homework with Gracie and a few more things around the house.
*Fixed dinner.
*Chris came home a little before six. The girls and I had already started eating because I had to be somewhere at 6:30.
*Talked to Chris for about 15 minutes while we ate .
*Went to an almost 2 hour PTA meeting.
*Got a "job" while there that I need to get done tomorrow. It's easy and won't take too much time or energy.
*Agreed to head up the "Winter Parent Enrichment Program" or whatever we decide to call it. In the past, it's been called the "Spring Parent Enchrichment Program" but it was held in March. They want to do in January this time, so I guess we'll change it from Spring to Winter. There is a bunch of stuff I need to get done for that, but I have awhile. I may need prayers for getting this organized!
*Came home and talked to Chris some more. Debated over whether we're going to our church retreat. I may need to post about that in particular and get some opinions on our "pros" & "cons."
*Plunked myself down in front of the t.v. and watched 3 episodes of Laguna Beach. Are these people for real? Is Kristin really the way she is portrayed? With friends like her, who needs enemies? I like what Taylor said, "I've never seen anyone love hating people so much." (something to that effect.) She needs to really grow up.

I need to iron Gracie's clothes for tomorrow and make her lunch. It may get done in the morning. I'm ready for bed.


Adam Cooper said...

Hat's off to the ladies and how their days run!

For selfish reasons I hope y'all do decide to go to the retreat. We love any time we can spend with you guys!

Alissa said...

I too hope that you are able to go...Aidan loves to play with ALL his friends. I do understand if you don't.

Your day sounds a lot like some of mine! Don't you love them when they are like that!?