Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Remember Madame Blueberry

The Cinderella dvd came out today. Chris & I have bought many of the Disney VHS over the years and decided that we would start buying the dvd's when they came out to replace the VHS. We'll probably donate the VHS to the library or something.

So today when I was at Wal-Mart, I bought the Cinderella dvd. I even spent a couple of extra dollars to get the one that comes with a cd. When I picked Gracie up from school, I excitedly told her,

"Guess what I got today? I got the Cinderella dvd. Remember we're going to try to get the dvd's to replace the regular movies?"

She says, "Well, we just don't need any more movies. We already have enough. Remember Madame Blueberry?"

For those of you who don't know, Madame Blueberry is a character from Veggie Tales. She was greedy and filled her tree house so full of stuff from "Stuff Mart" that her house came crashing to the ground. The sweet family who lived on the ground and didn't have many possessions asked her to live with them and shared their 1 piece of pie with her. She learned that "being greedy makes you grumpy -- but a thankful heart is a happy heart!"

If I hadn't already opened the package to take out the cd, I think I might take it back. I really do feel a little bad because she's right. We do already have enough movies. Do we really need the newer & better version?

*sigh* From the mouths of babes!


MDM said...

uh-oh...all the Madame Blueberry songs just came rushing back to me..hope they don't haunt me at 3 A.M.!! Just kidding. That is darling..Miss Gracie is quite a good steward..we could learn alot from your little 5 year old.

Jacinda said...

Of course, now she's looking through a catalog marking all the things she'd like to have! Where's the consistency!?!? LOL

Alissa said...

I think you can show her that you are not going to keep all the videos you have, you are replacing them. Make a point of letting her know that you are going to donate the older copy to the library (or wherever) so that she knows that someone who doesn't have much (since the library is free afterall) can check it out. Don't you just hate it (sort of and love it too) when they "get it" about something you are doing, but can't always implement it well for themselves. Aidan did that the other day about being a bully (if you haven't seen the latest one...Minnisota Cuke, that is what they talk about in it). I am so thankful that we have the Veggies to use as a tool! God made you special is one of our favorite sayings!

hollyfouts said...

Just checking out your blog. This struck me as funny since I was planning to buy that DVD. Avery has decided to be Cinderella for Halloween (even though she had never seen the movie). Last week I bought the VHS at a used movie store, but I am wanting to replace it already with the DVD since it just came out. Maybe, I'll re-think my purchase!

elizabeth said...

Now when I am at the toy store. I look at the toy and think, "Do I really want to clean this and put it back on the shelf 150 times a month?" I am guilty of wanting to shower new toys and clothes on the kids. I think I do it more for me than for them!