Monday, October 10, 2005

measuring success as a man

I wanted to post this quote from Dr. Phil's show today. It was a show entitled "Wifestyles." This one man was being very critical of his wife. Yes, there were areas where she could improve, but her husband was being extrememly disrespectful in the way he was trying to bring about those changes. She seemed to be a loving, attentive mother to their 3 small children and a wife who was trying to keep the house clean and cook, etc. but he basically wanted a "Stepford Wife."

I think my husband is amazing. He is committed to being a family man who puts God & his family first before lots of other things he enjoys doing. He'll barely complain after teaching an adult class on Sunday morning, leading singing, then leading Life Group that night. He doesn't do all of that each Sunday, but many. I'm proud of him for that. He won't say that he's proud of himself for that....and he shouldn't. I will say it though! He works hard to provide for us and never complains about helping with baths for the girls or cleaning up dishes. He makes me feel special on a very regular basis. He tells me I'm beautiful despite the 50+ lbs. I could stand to lose. He doesn't nag when he can't find clean underwear, he just simply starts a load of whites. He compliments the house when I've spent time cleaning and he'll say, "good dinner" even if it's just soft tacos or spaghetti. He truly felt bad when my friends planned a spa weekend and I didn't go mainly for financial reasons. He encouraged me to go and would have supported it. I chose not to because I knew we truly didn't have the money to spend. I could have found it somewhere, but it wouldn't have been the best decision right now. The important thing is that he supported me in whatever decision I made. Point is, when Dr. Phil made this statement, my eyes filled up with tears and I started clapping before the studio audience did because this is a true statement. I know without a doubt that I am blessed to have Chris as my husband.

Dr. Phil explains how he measures success as a man. “If I know that [Robin] can stand in a room full of 10,000 women, and know in her heart that there isn’t a woman in that room who gets treated better than her behind closed doors, then I have done my job,” says Dr. Phil


Chris said...

Behind every man is a woman inspiring and supporting him to succeed. I couldn't do anything without you.

Thank you.

I love you.

Miss Hope said...

YES YES YES !!!!!!

I, too, saw this show and couldn't wait for my husband to wake up for night shift so I could share it with him. When he called and we started talking, I told him about the show and that quote from Dr. Phil. He got quiet and responded that it worked both ways. I love that man of mine!! We are so lucky, aren't we?

Thanks for writing about this. It's so important!

p.s. Look at your honey posting a comment! How sweet is that? Hi, Chris!

Malia said...

I didn't see that particular episode but I've heard Dr. Phil say that before and that's excactly how my husbands makes me feel. Everything you said about Chris in this post is very similar to my David.

I remember watching the Dr. Phil show one day and there was this just awful husband on there, he was demeaning to his wife, had unrealistic expectations, the works. I picked up the phone, called David and thanked him for being such an awesome husband. I can not even imagine living in that kind of marriage, how terrible. But it happens all the time, even in our churches.

Dr. Phil is also good at reminding husbands of stay-at-home moms that our workload is equivilent to two full time jobs. I'm thankful that my husband recognizes this and is supportive of me in my "job" the same way I try to be supportive of him in his.

Thank you for reminding us wives to recognize the positive things about our husbands instead of always complaining about the negative.

TMK said...

SO sweet! You love him and he loves you. Thanks for bringing up your spouse, instead of tearing him down. You probably know from my past posts, I can't stand women who nit-pick and basically don't know what they have. Thanks for sharing how much you admire him and not something else more negative... have a great day.