Saturday, October 29, 2005

Gracie's 1st Jack-O-Lantern

Gracie had a great time designing her very first Jack-O-Lantern! She was so excited when we drove up to the house after being gone for awhile and saw the glow from the front porch! She & her daddy did a good job!

Katie didn't help too much with this task, but I was able to snap a picture of her in her Halloween sweatshirt, so I included it as well. You should have seen the look on her face at Wal-Mart when I put on one of the "Doodlebop's" wigs. She loves the "Doodlebops" and thought Mommy was pretty funny wearing Deedee Doodle's wig!


Kristen said...

How cute are they? Precious little girls.

And her Jack-o-lantern looked great too. Enjoy the next couple of fun days!

MDM said...

Those are too cute. Your girls are precious. Hope your weekend went GREAT....we are looking forward to Trunker Treat tonight with our church!

Midnight Show x0 said...