Saturday, October 15, 2005

Happy Fall!

Happy Fall!
I love Fall! I also love taking pictures with our digital camera. I think Chris & I have owned at least 3 digital cameras that we have either lost or broken (sometimes our own fault; sometimes not.)

We decided to go ahead and buy a new digital camera today. We save up all year for Christmas, so this is part of our Christmas gift to each other. It's not the "best of the best" but it takes decent pictures and I can send them out to friends & family immediately. I am happy!

This afternoon we took the girls out to a local pumpkin patch to take some pictures & buy a couple of pumpkins. Katie, being the 19 month old that she is, had no interest in posing for pictures, but we still got some cute ones.

Enjoy my lil' pumpkins!


Deana Nall said...

Your girls are so cute! We're trying to get into the pumpkin patch thing but it's still getting up to 90 here most days.

Alissa said...

Glad you were able to get another camera...I know you have been just dying to do so! Can't wait to see even more pictures!

TMK said...

Your camera takes great pictures! I love having one too...instant photos! Fall is my favorite also. Here in Tx, it is still 85* or more. Hope your weather is more like fall. Your girls are beautiful.