Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Site Meter & how did you get here?

Site Meter is something I've just signed up for. It can tell me how many people are reading my blog, how long they're staying on my blog, and where they are. I think it may even tell me what color shirt they're wearing! Just kidding, but seriously, this is a little weird! I signed up and then I checked it out. Sure enough, it showed my blog address and my city & state (even had a little red dot on the world map showing approximately where I live) as a visitor to my site. SG mentioned this on her blog which is how I found this service. She said her own visits don't count on her counter, but my own visit counted on my blog. I'm not sure why.

Anyway. It's kind of scary & a little embarrassing that people may see that I check their blog so often. I promise I'm not a stalker; I just like to read other blogs and see what people are saying.

If you look down at the waaaay bottom of the page, it shows my visitors.

I've seen a couple of people asking how in the world you came to their blog. So I'm asking it too. How did you come to my blog and what keeps you coming back? I'd love to know and I like having you here! (as long as you're not stalking me!) :-)

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