Friday, October 07, 2005

Russell the Sheep

Chris was off today so we all went to pick up Gracie from school. Even though I typically don't use carline in the afternoon, I felt Chris needed to experience it at least once, so we did it today. It has been raining off & on the past 2 days, so it also made us get wet fewer number of times this way since we didn't park and walk up to the sidewalk to get her.

After we picked her up, we ran an errand and then went to the library. Gracie loves going to the library and Katie has certainly started to recognize it as well. She gets very excited when we drive up to it. Granted, Gracie enjoys playing the computer games and playing with the puzzles more than looking at the books, but she reads so much at home that it doesn't bother me too much. The girl certainly doesn't lack for a love of reading!

We also have gotten into the habit of checking out movies each Friday. They have a decent selection and we've been getting some of the older ones for her to watch...."The Shaggy Dog," "The Absent-Minded Professor," and "The Love Bug." This week we got "Black Beauty."

We're supposed to read at least 15 minutes a day at least 5 days a week as part of her homework. We decided we'd just do it there, so she & I both picked out some books. There was one called Russell the Sheep that Chris & I both thought looked cute, so he brought that one to me to read to her.

Chris was holding Katie (which was no small feat as she would have rather been running around the library being loud!) & pulled up a stool next to us while I had Gracie on my lap. I read the title, "Russell the Sheep." Gracie, in all seriousness, asked,

"Why would they want to wrestle the sheep?"

Chris & I both about lost it! I guess I needed to pronounce the title more clearly! Gracie, on the other hand, was not amused by our reaction. She gets very upset if she thinks we're laughing at her. Once I composed myself, I was able to finish it. It was a very cute story, by the way!


MDM said...

Cute!! They really are literal, huh? We also have a great love of the library..on Mondays Rachel does her homework there and starts the week with a bang.

Malia said...

My daughter is the same way. If I even have a hint of laughter in my eyes or smile on my face when she says or does something funny (when she's not trying to be), she breaks down and says, "You're laughing at me. It's not funny!" Oh my!