Friday, October 28, 2005

our life

Just some tidbits about our life:

*We had our parent-teacher conference with Miss S this week. It went really well! She said Gracie is doing great and can read pretty much anything she puts in front of her! I'm telling you, she is reading so well! She will pick up a book and just read away; some of the words are read by sight and some she sounds out. It's wonderful! Of course, some of the words we still have to tell her. Chris asked if there was anything we needed to work on. Miss S kind of laughed and said, "no." Of course, we will continue to work with her, but it's nice to know she's on target for learning the things she needs to be learning this year. We are truly blessed to have a little girl who loves school and learning so much and is so self motivated about it. She loves to make books and Miss S said she has single handedly gotten the whole class to make books! As a former teacher, and as her mommy, that simply warms my heart!

We were given 2 of her journals from this year. These are certainly prized possessions to me! They are so precious. My favorite entry was the one where she drew a picture of "See You at the Pole." The picture & words are kind of hard to see, but it says "church." Also, you can't see where someone (I'm assuming Miss S) wrote church for her down at the bottom. I guess she'd asked how to spell it. Miss S has written a little note on every single entry in the 2 journals we have. With so many students that is a time consuming task, but that's part of what makes her such a good teacher, the fact that she pays attention to such little details.

*Chris now has every Friday off which has been so nice. He just started this new schedule in the past month or so, and I love it! It's really great for him to have 3 day weekends each week. His work days M-Th have been lengthened by about an hour each day, but he still gets home by at least 6:15 and many days earlier than that. He is home with us every weekend. We are very blessed with this work schedule.

Today, I was so proud of him because he went up to Gracie's class to read a story. I had "helped" him volunteer, and he was nervous, but he said it went well. He commented on how well behaved the children were, and Gracie informed us that they got a "compliment treat" because he complimented them while he was there. I didn't go with him because I didn't want Katie to be a distraction and I feel it's important for dads to be involved in things like this on their own rather than it look like they're just tagging along with the mothers. Gracie also told us that Ali's dad (who was also in her preschool class) came today with a firetruck and they all got firemen hats. Such a great day for daddies in her class!

*I had my first professional massage this morning! Chris had gotten me a gift certificate for a local spa for my birthday back in May. I just got around to actually using it today. I was pretty nervous and not sure what to expect. It was nice, but I wasn't completely comfortable I have to admit. I'm pretty modest around people who aren't my immediate family. It did feel good though. Chris asked if I wanted it again. I told him I probably would, but not for awhile. I would like a pedicure, though! Now that I think I could get everyday!

*After I got home, Chris, Katie and I went to Atlanta Bread Company for lunch. We then filled up with gas and Chris vaccumed out the van and we walked around Home Depot for awhile. (such excitement, huh?!?) We also went to a local Christian bookstore before heading over to get Gracie from school. We visited in the parking lot with my new friend, Mary Beth, whose son is in Gracie's class. I'm really happy to be friends with her and to have Gracie be friends with her son! You should have seen Gracie leap into her daddy's arms when she came out! So sweet!

*We went to Blockbuster because we haven't seen Fever Pitch or Bewitched yet. We also ended up getting Batman Returns and Robots. I guess we've got some movies to watch, huh? While we were there, we saw one of Gracie's friends from school. They were excited to see each other away from school as little kids often are. Her daddy was off work today too, so she was there with both her mom and dad picking out a movie for her to watch. It was nice to see her mom be conscious of what kind of movie she was choosing. I've been nervous about Gracie making new friends and me not knowing their families well. This made me that much more comfortable with her being friends with this little girl!

*Since Katie hadn't had a nap yet, we went home for her to sleep and Gracie to rest. Well, all 3 members of my family ended up falling asleep while I talked on the phone with a friend and looked around online. When they finally decided to wake up, we decided to go to Pizza Hut and use the Book It coupon Gracie had received at school for a free personal pan pizza. Of course, the rest of us ate, too!

*We then went to the mall and walked around. We didn't buy alot, but we did get a few things. It was fun to just walk around and look. Gracie saw a friend from last year's preschool, also. I was so impressed because the mom introduced me & Gracie to her husband and she didn't even hesitate in telling him our names. I'm embarrassed because I don't know her name! I completely know who she is and her daughter's name, etc. but I don't know her name! Her little girl should be attending Gracie's school, but her daddy is the asst. principal at another elementary school in the district so she goes to that one. I completely understand that.

*Now we're home and Katie is sound asleep (at least I think so!) I think Gracie is stalling but well on her way. I'm sure Chris & I will start watching one of our movies soon. Hopefully I can talk him into going to get me a Diet Coke. He may need to get some diapers because I think Katie may have on her last one! *oops!* I really need to go grocery shopping. I'm not even sure we have anything for breakfast! Today was payday.....need I say more?!?!

*Tomorrow, I think we're going to tackle the "carve a jack-o-lantern" task. Sunday will be church & Life Group. Monday will be school then eating out with friends & trick-or-treating.

*I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of the girls and a quote from Gracie. She said this to me tonight and also this morning.

"I love you much as God does."

Wow. Little does she realize that she doesn't even have an inkling of how much God loves us, but for her to think she can compare the two tells me that she loves me an awful lot! I love her, too!

Oh, my sweet Katie Boo! What an attitude this precious little 19 month baby girl can have!

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TMK said...

I liked this post. Fun to know that others our age are doing the same things, just different parts of the country! I love this life!