Sunday, March 05, 2006

awful bug

Quote of the day from my 5 year old:
"Why can I not just say she has diarrhea?"

This was said when I told her that if her Bible Class teacher asks if she has any prayer requests, she should say that her baby sister has a little upset tummy. I laughed and said, "Sure. You can say that." A new teacher starts this morning and I don't think she's ever taught this age before. She needs to learn quickly what can happen when you teach 5 year olds!
So yes, I am home with Katie Boo this morning due to her upset tummy. She really acts like she feels pretty good, although she's been a little clingier. She's had some "bad diapers" since Thursday. In isolation, I might not think too much of it, but having had at least one "weird" one each day since Thursday causes me to think something's just not right. Sooo, she's home with me this morning. Chris stayed with her last night during the wedding. I was hoping to take her to church tonight. We're meeting all together and having potluck rather than Life Groups, but since she already had a bad one this morning, I imagine Chris will stay home with her tonight. If she has another one today, I'll probably call the doctor tomorrow. I don't know that he's going to say a whole lot about it other than use the famous word, "viral," but it just makes me feel better sometimes to take her in. Chris, Gracie and I seem to be okay. A couple of times of tummy upset, but nothing too bad. My parents are coming this weekend for Katie's birthday, so I'm hoping she's all better! Right now, she's playing and watching "Ermie," (aka Hermie) her current favorite character!
Yesterday was the Heartwalk. I really do need to get out & walk more often. We're going to the beach this summer with my size 2 (if even) sister-in-law, Erin, so I really need to walk more often! I know I'll never be as petite as she is, but it'd be nice to be smaller than I am now. Gracie did really well; Chris only carried her a short part of the 3 miles. Katie rode in the stroller of course.
Gracie loves to write, so she wrote a story yesterday that we're going to enter in a writing contest. I heard the Reading Rainbow guy advertising the contest on one of our local public television stations and told Gracie about it. She had heard about it as well and is excited. She wrote & illustrated the story yesterday, and I need to get it in the mail by Friday. You cannot believe how hard it is for me to not "revamp" the story by myself. After her first "draft," I did give her some suggestions on different sentence ideas she could add. She was short of the minimum number of words, so she had to add some anyway. I showed her the winning entries of one of the other years and tried to "encourage" her to add more details to her pictures, etc. She is happy with her creation, so after we make sure we've followed all the rules as far as page numbers, etc., we will send it on. Do I think it will win? Probably not, but I'm proud of her for submitting anything. I have to say that some of the Kindergarten winners from one of the other years look like they had alot of help from someone older. It's not my place to judge that, but they just look really good for Kindergarten!
One of my friends just called me to inform me that her son threw up this morning. *sigh* We were with them Thursday, Friday and yesterday. This stomach bug is just flying around this town! If we're going to get it full blown with the throwing up & everything, I want to get it now and get it over with!!!!!! Kate called yesterday and they've all had it too. *sigh again!*
Dear Lord,
Please be with everyone around here who is sick and help them all to be well again soon! Specifically Katie, Dillon, Kate, Scott & Bryson. Please don't let anyone else get sick with this awful bug.
In Jesus' Name,


jettybetty said...

I pray everyone is better soon, too!

Looks like you all had such pretty weather to walk!

TMK said...

What are those pink things on Katie's hands? It has been in the upper 80's all week, in late Feb./March. CRAZY! I wish we had more definate seasons. OH well. Hope Katie gets better soon.