Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Thank you God for keeping my baby safe!

Thank you God for keeping my baby & all of the students at her school safe today.

Before I even had a chance to look at Gracie's folder, a friend called me while she was on the way home. "Have you read the letter about the wreck at school?" I was confused and didn't know what she was talking about. Between her telling me and reading the letter that I had now gotten out of Gracie's backpack, I figured out what had happened. This is part of what the principal wrote:
Dear Parents,
.......About 10:30 AM, I heard a loud crashing sound from my office in the back of the main office area, near the playground. A man, driving his truck down _____Road, traveling towards McDonald's, had become ill and lost control of his truck. The truck went off the road to the right several houses before you turn to come to ______. He drove through the edge of front yards until he intersected ____ Street. His truck crossed ____ Street and entered our campus right at the spot where our front driveway meets with ____ Street. The truck came through our fence, over the elevated dirt area around the big tree on the corner of the playground, and traveled across the playground until it collided with the big, wooden fort and slide structure. Both truck and the equipment had extensive damage...........
Apparently there were police cars & an ambulance up there. I live right down the street from the school and didn't hear a thing! I hear sirens often and my ears usually kind of perk up to try to figure out if they're going to the school, but I didn't hear any today. I think the reason no students were out there was because it had been raining. Thank you God for rain! I have been playing the "what if" game all afternoon in my brain. I just cannot fathom the horror of it all if children had been on the playground. I know it wouldn't have been Gracie's class, but still. I am so thankful to God for protecting these children today. I don't believe that it's coincidence that the students who should have been out there just weren't out there today. This was a God thing!
The even neater thing is that today I was praying even harder for Gracie than usual....for some reason. She has a little "friend" at school who has been a little difficult lately. Chris & I have been so proud of how she's handled some of the situations with her, but it's still something we plan to talk to her about often and pray about alot. So, today I had been praying alot about this situation. I just had this feeling today of missing her more than usual and needing to pray for her more. While my prayers were not focused necessarily on her physical safety, I still find it ironic that on a day when I felt compelled to pray harder for her than usual a horrible tragedy at her school was avoided.
Thank you God for keeping my baby safe!


Erica said...

That is so scary. I hate to even think about that happening with children on the playground. God was definitely looking out for all of them. Gracie is very blessed to have parents who pray for her and with her often. You are such a wonderful example to others of the Lord shining through you. May the rest of the week be less eventful:)

jettybetty said...

Very scary! So often we take our kids' safety for granted.

I am so thankful you were praying--and that everyone is okay!