Saturday, March 18, 2006

Patty Cake, Patty Cake!

Miss Patty Cake, that is! The show was tonight and it was lots of fun! Katie, who I thought would be really into it, was awestruck for about 3 minutes and then spent the rest of the time wiggling all over the place. Gracie, who I had thought might be a little old for it and a bit bored, had a great time! Goes to show what I know, huh?!? Gracie and her little friend, "A," sang & danced in the aisle with alot of other little kids. They seemed to really enjoy it. I just love the positive message she sends of Jesus and His love for all of us! She focuses on praising God and being thankful and references the Bible quite a bit. This show focused alot on Easter and she used the "Resurrection Eggs." It's really great to hear children singing, "There was a shake and a rattle and the stone was rolled away.........Jesus is risen, we have been given a mighty resurrection day!" Gracie really wanted the eggs. I didn't buy them, but we do have the book already that goes along with them.

We got there quite early and saved seats for our friends. It also gave me time to look at the things she had to offer like cd's, etc. I just got a couple of things. It was tempting to buy alot, but I restrained at least a little. Katie colored in a coloring book that the police department had given out (they were there doing free child i.d. kits). They also had Miss Patty Cake videos playing and she enjoyed that. I think she participated more in watching those than the actual "live" show! Go figure! I had gotten Gracie a t-shirt & a dress (see above picture) and Katie pretty much insisted on wearing the t-shirt. It was quite large to say the least. I had gotten it for Gracie with the intention of letting Katie have the one I'd gotten Gracie a couple of years ago. I guess since Gracie had on the dress (along with about a dozen other little girls) Katie felt she needed to have on something new, too!

After the show, they let you sit with Miss Patty Cake and take pictures and let her sign items. We snuck out a little early in order to get a good place in line. (They had said they'd given out 700 tickets!) While we were standing there, I saw a lady who I recognized as being the mother of one of my good friends from high school! She lives in Atlanta and since we weren't in Atlanta, it was quite a surprise to see her, but such a nice surprise! Her other daughter (my friend's sister) lives in the town where the show was and had just had her 3rd baby this week, so her mom was in town visiting and had brought one of her grandchildren to the show. I spent quite a bit of time at her house while in high school and my friend spent a good bit of time at my house as well, so it was wonderful to see her mom! I think the last time I'd seen her was when Gracie was about 9 months old...right before we moved to South Carolina! I saw my friend maybe a year and a half ago when she came to town to visit her sister, but she lives in Ohio so we certainly don't see each other often. Her mom said she was probably coming this summer to visit her sister, so I hope to see her then!

After the show, we went with our friends to Cracker Barrel. Yum!
I think my mom found a bed! Whoo hoo! She sent me a picture of one to see what I thought, but the picture was taken in her backyard, so I'm assuming that means she's already bought it! It sounds like she has plans to paint it and have someone fix one of the rails. It is really cute, so I'm excited!

Katie is loving the temporary bed we have set up for her. She doesn't have a very big room at all; in fact it's quite tiny, so we have to be creative with how we set things up, but she loves it! Also, I have to brag on her by saying that she did a very big girl thing tonight in the p-o-t-t-y, and I'm not just talking about p-e-e! Without going into too many details, my poor little girl struggles with this sometimes and when we were coming home, we could tell she was trying, so we set her on the p-o-t-t-y when we got home. A few minutes later Chris checked and voila! Success! We made such a big deal we made her cry. We're just so proud of her and hope we can be disciplined enough to keep going with this training business and make this a consistent thing!

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