Tuesday, March 21, 2006

pinky toenails are important

I know she's only 5, but why can't she be responsible for 2 things in the morning? Her lunchbox & her backpack?

How many times have we gotten in the van and I'll ask her, "Did you get your lunchbox?" and she says, "Oh, no! Why did you forget that, Mommy?" Excuse me?!?!? Not much gets me more upset than a statement like that. I explain to her that it is her responsibility to get her lunchbox, not mine. I make the lunch, she can get it out of the refrigerator before we leave. If she's having tray lunch, I always tell her.

Well, today we get to school without her backpack! She's getting out of the van in carline which she has to do rather quickly so as not to anger the carline duty teachers. No, really, they're not that bad, but one of the ladies on duty this morning is my least favorite because she doesn't even pretend to be having a good morning~ever. She just stands there waving her arm over & over telling us to keep moving. A simple smile & wave "hello" would be nice. One time I got really upset with her because Gracie had about a gabillion things she was trying to get out of the car (It was Valentine's Day and she had gifts.)......Anyway, I won't go into the whole story, but suffice it to say that I'm glad she's not a regular classroom teacher; I think she's a speech teacher and I hope my kids don't need to take speech. ANYWAY.......so Gracie's getting out of the van and I say, "Do you have your backpack?" She gets this distraught look and I say, "Okay. Tell Miss S I'll bring it."

Now, what I should have done is tell Gracie to get back in the van, driven the 2 minutes back home, run in to get the backpack, driven back through carline and dropped her off then. She wouldn't have been late. But no. I didn't make that decision. Let me just say that when I go through carline in the mornings, I don't primp beforehand. I throw on some jeans, a t-shirt, no makeup, my glasses, alot of times shoes that don't match. I usually end up thinking, "Oh, I hope I don't have to get out of the car for any reason." Kind of like what our mothers used to say, "Wear clean underwear. What if you're in a wreck?!?!" So, I had to go home, jump in the shower, get "real" dressed, put in my contacts, put on makeup, get Katie dressed, comb her hair and go back up to the school to take the backpack. I had taken enough time by this time that I had to go to the office and get a pass before going to her class. I thought about skipping the whole pass thing because her classroom is literally like a mile from the office, well not really, but I actually got stopped by a teacher the other day as if she thought I was up to no good. My pass was under my coat so she couldn't see it. That's fine that she did that. It's a safety thing and I'm glad she was looking out for the students, so today I went to get my pass.

Now, on a regular day I might have just not taken the backpack and let Gracie suffer the consequences if there would be any. But....today is Spring picture day. Yeah, Spring picture day. It's about 45 degrees and raining! Gracie looks cute & springy once she takes off her big heavy sweater! So, I felt like I had to take the backpack because the money for the pictures was in her folder and if she didn't have the money she wouldn't get a class picture.

All before 8:00 this morning.
Who knew a pinky toenail could mean so much?

Last night, I stubbed my pinky toe on something. I don't even remember what, I just remember doing it and that it hurt bad. It kept hurting and I kept thinking that I need to check on it and see if it was red or something. When I finally did that, about 30 minutes later, I noticed that there was blood on my sock! I freaked a little and pulled off my sock to find blood all over my toe and my toenail is not quite as attached as before. I gently pulled on my toenail and it hurts and starts to bleed. I went to wash off my toe and decided I need to cut the toenail because I figure it's going to catch on stuff and keep hurting. There's not much to a pinky toenail anyway, and once I started cutting, I kept cutting. I basically took the whole nail off! Ew! It doesn't look pretty and it doesn't feel great! I woke up about 4:45 and could hardly go back to sleep. It didn't hurt so much as just kind of throbbed and felt swollen & "weird."

I got up and took off the bandaid and put some peroxide on it. Ouch! I finally went back to sleep and this morning it still felt weird. I could barely get my shoe on and after my shower, I noticed that it was bleeding again. So, I put another bandaid on it and different shoes that allowed for a little more room. *sigh* I've always had ugly feet and now they're even uglier.
Another one of Katie's friends has the dreaded rotovirus. How does it keep missing us? *Knock on wood!* Our family has just had little, inconsistent touches of this stomach stuff, nothing like what some of our friends have had. Poor things.


Alissa said...

so sorry about your little toe. You might have broken it, but there isn't much they would do for you if you went in for it but give you some pain killer, which you probably have in your medicine cabinet at home. Poor little toe!

Deana Nall said...

With Julia, it's shoes. She comes home every day, goes to some random part of the house and takes off her shoes. The next morning, she thinks I should know where her shoes are. One day she was about to be late so I made her put on her black Mary Jane Sunday shoes. She found her tennis shoes at the last minute. "I'm not in charge of your shoes," is one of my most commonly-uttered phrases.

jettybetty said...

Sorry about the toe--I have hurt a toe and it affects my whole body--I believe there's a scripture about that how is applies to the church (sorry, I suppose I am in application mode today ).

Kristen said...

Toes are horrible -- hope it is feeling better. Isn't it amazing that something so small can cause so much hurting?

STAY AWAY FROM ROTAVIRUS -- I will be sending prayers for healthy kiddos your direction. I don't ever want to deal with that awful virus again...ever!

As for the backpack, I probably would have done the same thing. It is hard for me now to teach Sam some responsibility for his things when it is so much easier to do it myself...I know I should let him be more independent, but...

Thanks for the good update on you and your family!

Malia said...

Everyday I have to tell Sweetpea two things: Stay off your brother (!) and clear your dishes from the table when you're finished eating. Actually there's more than that but those are the main ones. So one day I asked her if she could please remember to remove her lunchbox from her backpack after school and put it on the counter. She has done it almost everyday since I asked her too! So why do I still have to tell her stay off of her brother and clear her dishes??