Monday, March 06, 2006

"celebrity" contact

I feel like I've been touched by a celebrity! Well, not really a celebrity, but an author anyway. Meredith Efken (click her name for a link to her website) visited my blog and left a comment! Remember me talking about her book, SAHM I Am a few weeks ago? Apparently, she ran across it and thanked me for posting about it! She said a new book, @Home for the Holidays, will be out in November 2006. Maybe I'm easily impressed, but I am impressed that she commented! Think I can get a free book for giving her free publicity?!?! *wink*
Chris & Gracie seem to be fine this morning. Katie is in a great mood. I'm anxiously awaiting her "stinky" for the day to see if it's back to normal. Please!!!!! The things we moms look forward to! I'm feeling okay. I had Sprite & peanut butter crackers for breakfast.
Kate finds out today if Bryson will have a baby brother or a baby sister!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
4 more days until Katie is 2! Did I mention that I need some Kleenex?!?! *sniff sniff*
We have bedding for Katie's big girl bed and have been debating over when to put her in the big bed. Well, actually we don't have a "real" big bed for her yet, but we have a rollaway bed we plan to use until we get one. Grammer (aka my mom) is looking for a bed for her and plans to have a lady paint it shabby chic white for her! FUN! Anyway, yesterday Katie was upset with me for putting her in the baby bed. I thought she wanted to sleep but apparently she didn't. I left her in there while I took a shower, thinking she might fall asleep.! Instead, she decided to climb out of the bed. She succeeded in hittin' the floor. I don't think she hit it the way she planned, but she hit it alright! I ran in there......after just getting out of the shower if you know what I mean....and picked her up. She wasn't hurt, but it hit the point home that she is ready for that big girl bed!


jettybetty said...

How cool is it that Meredith left a comment for you?? WOW!

Glad everyone is feeling better--including you--Sprite and peanut butter crackers are not what I consider a normal breakfast!

Kristen said...

Glad you guys are on the mend.

Sam climbed out of his bed for the first time when he was just 14 months. Not good! I was scared to death that he would try it again and get really hurt the next time, so in a bed he went at 14 months! Now I am hoping Seth stays put in a crib for a LONG LONG time! Good luck with the change.