Friday, March 17, 2006

catching up

It seems like my blogging has gotten more & more sporadic lately. I don't like that. I really want this to be a way to journal about my family, specifically the girls, so I hope to keep up with it regularly. Let's see, what happened this week?
*Monday, fell asleep on the couch before The Apprentice even came on and ended up going to bed. Chris taped it for me.
*Meeting up at the school Tuesday evening. Snuck in a trip to the public library~by myself~first. (blissful!) Only missed the first singer on American Idol. Watched part of Amazing Race before going to bed. I am getting old and can't stay up as late as easily as I used to be able to. So sad.
*Worked at the school Wednesday morning. I enjoyed working with Gracie & "M." Those 2 little girls have such fun giggling together! They both read for me and took A.R. tests. I have to brag on Gracie. After I'd done some work in the workroom for Miss S, she asked me if I'd like to read & do A.R. tests with some of them. She told me to ask Gracie who she wanted to take with her. Miss S is conscious of the fact that Gracie thinks it's "cool" to work with me when I come and almost always allows her to go first and allows her to choose a friend to go with us. At the time, Gracie was working with a sweet little boy, "A." He has worked with me before and I enjoy being with him. He really is so cute & sweet. He started "begging" to go with me. I was secretly hoping Gracie would just choose him since I could tell he really wanted to go. Well, of course, she chose "M"~her favorite school friend of late. I said something to "A" about how maybe he could go next and Gracie said, "Well, he could go first." I thought that was really sweet of her.

*Church that night. We are really enjoying our new church building. We have been so blessed with such a nice facility and I hope we use it according to how God wants us to. Alissa's family was visiting that night and it was so cute to see Gracie & Aidan holding hands as they walked to Bible Class together. They have been friends since they were about
8 & 9 months old but due to his family attending a different church now and Gracie being in school during our weekly playgroup, they rarely see each other, so it was nice for them to have that time together. They played hide & seek after church and truly enjoyed it.

*Got home in time to see Melissa kicked off American Idol. Personally, I was glad. I didn't care much for her.
*Playgroup Thursday morning. Chris came home early. Dropped Katie off with him while I went to get Gracie from school. Came home, finished packing and headed to Atlanta. Mom had dinner almost ready, ate, bathed Katie and the girls stayed up way late. Katie slept on a big girl bed for the first time by herself (a trundle bed that was very low to the floor) and did great!

*Had Katie's 2 year old pictures taken this morning. So cute! Went to Dad's office, he got to show off the girls, went to lunch, dropped him back off at work, went back to Mom & Dad's house and decided we all needed to take a nap before driving home. We all crashed, although Katie didn't do as well on the big girl bed this time. She kept getting up and playing and eventually ended up falling asleep but then waking up when she fell off the bed! It was only a few inches off the floor but still a rude awakening. Packed stuff up, got in the car and headed home. Got home around 8:45.

*My cousin, Andrea called! We haven't talked in forever, so that was great to catch up!

*Betty sent me a link to a blog where a lady had interviewed the lady who wrote SAHM I Am.
*Tomorrow there is a workday at the church building. I'm not sure we'll make it to that or not, but I'm feeling like we should. Gracie has a birthday party to go to. We go see Miss Patty Cake tomorrow night. Chris is thrilled! (yeah, right!)

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