Saturday, March 18, 2006

big girl

From this:

to this!
No, it's not her "real" bed, but it's a temporary bed until we can get her something else. Mom's still looking. Chris is talking about building something. We'll see what happens. For now, this is what we have and Katie, sweet thing, doesn't care what kind of bed we get her. She's just happy! We should all be more like little children sometimes.

This next week, I'm sure I will be standing in her doorway often thinking through different ways I can arrange things and what color to paint the walls (I'm thinking green!). She's in there right now taking a nap. For a long time, she kept rustling around but never got off the bed and wasn't fussing. Last I checked on her, she wasn't asleep but was very still. I haven't heard a peep in awhile so I think she's fallen asleep. My precious big 2 year old girl.

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