Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Is 'shoot' a bad word?

With Gracie starting school this year, we've had quite a few talks about some things some of her classmates do that are right and/or wrong. She will frequently tell us things that someone does or says and we'll talk about why that was wrong and discuss how she responded to it and how she should respond if it happens again. So far, we've been quite proud of how she is doing with all of this. True, there is a part of us that wishes she never had to be exposed to some of these things, but all in all, she is staying true to being the sweet little girl we sent to school back in August. For us, sheltering her from anything & everything bad isn't the answer. Instead, we are choosing to be pro active in many respects and talk, talk, talk (& pray, pray, pray)! Yesterday after we discussed some issues she's had with one of her "friends," she said, "That was a long talk!" LOL (Sometimes I get a little carried away.....and you should see the role playing I create! A little quirky perhaps but I figure it'll stick in her mind!)

She is so much like me that it's not even funny in alot of ways. I have always had a very guilty conscience and have always felt better when I "confess" things. Gracie seems to be this same way! If I ask her if anything bad happened at school, I better be ready to listen because she's going to tell me. This is a good thing, but sometimes I admit to wishing she wouldn't tell me everything! I'm sure she does probably leave some things out, but she really does tell me alot, and I'm thankful. That gives us a chance to discuss it and decide the best way to handle the situation according to how God would want her to. (Don't get me wrong, it's not like alot of bad things happen everyday. There is lots of good!)

Well, tonight I asked Chris if he had done something that he was supposed to do last night. He had forgotten to do it and he loudly replied from the other room, "Oh, Shoot!" I said, "I guess that means no." Gracie repeated, "I guess that means no." A few minutes later, she said, "Is 'shoot' a bad word?" I started laughing and told her it wasn't very nice. I then called for Chris to come into the room so we could discuss it with him as well since he was the offender in this case! He hugged her and explained that it wasn't really a bad word but that he probably shouldn't have said it and thanked her for pointing it out.

I laughed and said to her, "You have such an intuitive spirit!" (referring to the fact that something inside of her told her that the way he had said 'shoot' wasn't very nice)

Without missing a beat, she turned around and firmly said with a smile, "That's the way God made me!!!!"

Dear Lord,
Thank you for my sweet 5 year old's spirit of seeming to know what is right and what is wrong. I know she doesn't understand it all and even as part of me longs for her complete innocence to return, I am happy to see that she is willing to talk to us about things that concern her and eager to do what pleases You. Please help Chris & I to raise her the way You want us to. When we make mistakes, please help us to correct them. Please guide us to say the right things and to say not too much & not too little.
In Jesus' Name,

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jettybetty said...

I do think God has big things planned for such a sweet heart!