Monday, January 02, 2006


~Gracie had a sleepover last night, her first one to attend! Her friend, Leigh Ann, had slept over here at our house back in September. For the past week or so, Gracie had been asking me about having LA over for a playdate. As I'm sure many mothers do, I murmured that "one day" we would have her over, but life kept getting in the way. Yesterday after Bible Class, Gracie asked again and went a step further asking if LA could spend the night. While I thought it was a pretty good idea, I stalled and said "one day." I asked Chris about it and he said it was fine. So, I went up to LA's mother and whispered in her ear, "Gracie wants to know if LA can spend the night tonight." She looked at me and said, "No, actually it's the other way around. LA just asked me if Gracie can spend the night with her. I told her she had to check with her dad to see if he had any family plans for tomorrow." I laughed and said, "They've already been planning this!" She said, "Yes. I think LA just went to tell Gracie that she just had to ask her daddy." Sure enough, I realized that as I had gone up to talk with LA's mom, LA had walked behind me to talk to Gracie! They're only 5 & 6 years old and already planning things pretty well! I'm just happy that Gracie has been blessed with a best little girlfriend from a Christian family. This was Gracie's first time to go on a real "friend" sleepover, and Chris & I both agreed that we trusted this family but wouldn't trust many others. We don't say that to sound mean, we just say that to mean that we feel like we know this family well enough to know Gracie will be well cared for while in their home. If she starts getting invitations from school friends, we'll have to choose our words carefully. We won't want to sound ungrateful for the invitation, but we're just not going to feel comfortable with that situation until we feel we know a family very well. Has anyone else gone through this already? Your child getting invitations for playdates & sleepovers from people you don't well? So far, she's had 2 playdates with a girl from school and I've tagged along. I'm just interested in what I should say if a sleepover is ever mentioned.

~True to my prediction, we were back home before midnight Saturday night. We left around 10:45. I think the girls could have made it; they were going pretty strong. Of course, Katie did look like she was walking around in her sleep a few times, but she was enjoying herself. Chris & I were sitting on the comfy chair about to fall asleep, so we decided to head home early. We rung in the new year on our own couch watching Dick Clark with each of us reading our own books. We did have a good time, though. We were with some friends we haven't hung out with too much in the past year or so, so it was nice to have that time. Also true to my prediction, I didn't do much karaoke. Chris did some. I would sing along a little, but didn't get up with the microphone. It was tempting. I think in my own house, with just my family, I would be tempted to belt out a few every now & then!

~There seemed to be alot of people missing from church yesterday. We only have about 150 on Sunday mornings anyway, but it was less than that yesterday I'm sure. Kate & I went to see "Fun with Dick & Jane" late last night. (2 movies in one weekend...unheard of for me!) It was really funny! Chris was watching the Cowboys play, so I figured I'd slip out and enjoy some time with Kate. It seems that she & I pass each other quickly sometimes, so it was good to sit & talk for awhile.

~Chris is in the other room yelling at the television while watching Texas Tech play Alabama. He is a huge TT fan and is even wearing his TT football jersey. Yeah, my husband is a football nut! He was watching the Cowboys last night...his other favorite team. Apparently, they didn't win.

~Our new Life Groups will start soon. I think around the 3rd week of January. I'm hoping, and will be praying, that they go well. I'm excited about the group we have. I know God can do great things with these life groups and I'm hoping we'll be open to doing what He wants us to do.

~Gracie starts back to school tomorrow. It's been so nice to have her home all the time during the day, but it will also be good to get back into a schedule, too. I hope that doesn't make me a bad mom for saying that.

Dear Lord,

Thank you Lord for all that you do. Thank you for my family & friends. Thank you for my blogger friends also, as they have a special place in my life.

Please help me to be the person You want me to be. You know I've had a bad attitude lately and a bitter heart towards some people & situations. I know that You want us to do all we do with a happy heart and I pray that You'll help me with that. Help me to have the kind of prayer life where I talk to You about everything~before I worry about it!

There are many times when I think about what other people should be doing. Give me the kind of attitude to step up and do those things rather than sitting around thinking about how other people should be doing it.

Help me to be a good example to all who know me. Don't let me be the person they think about when they think of a negative person or a person who knows all the latest gossip. Let me be the positive person who is there to help.

Be with Gracie as she goes back to school tomorrow. Please keep her safe physically, emotionally & spiritually. Be with Chris as he will be at work. Help him to do his work well and be a Christian example to all those around. Be with Katie as she is trying to learn the appropriate way to share. express frustrations & just generally live in this world. My family is precious and I'm thankful for them!

In Jesus' Name,


jettybetty said...

I support your being picky about your daughter's friends. I suppose we were mean parents, but we had to meet the parents before our kids went to any other child's house. Since I was a SAHM, we did allow them to ask anyone they want to come home with them--that worked pretty well for us!

Hope Gracie had a great time with LA!!

MDM said...

Rachel has had some sleepover invites that we always decline. She tried it once with a family from church and had a night terror about 3 years ago. That basically put the fear in her. I am afraid we are known as the family that does not do sleepovers at all. I am okay with that. I think Rach feels our rule is her little safety net. I don't want her to grow up! The older she gets I know some of this will change. I will not be afraid to ask lots of questions about the house she will be at such as where is the computer? Will you check on the kids? Where will they be sleeping? I will also insist on knowing the family, siblings, etc..too protective? I don't think so! I continue to keep your Gracie and Katie in my prayers. We are girl moms that gotta stick together!

Miss Hope said...

I totally agree with you. I'm so blessed that Makenna's friends' parents are ones that I grew up with and I knew them well. I don't know Paige's friends' parents and this has caused some "You're the worst Mom EVER!" comments.

She's friends with this little girl whose parents drink and the dad has friends over in the "shop" to drink until the wee hours. I will not let her go over there at all. Not even for an hour or two during the day. Just can't do it.

Keep being a good mom!

Malia said...

try out this website and karoke to your heart's content!

have fun!