Thursday, January 12, 2006

happy with her hair

I braided Gracie's hair a little this morning. From the smile on her face, you would have thought I'd told the girl we were going to Disney World! I love that little things like that make her happy! I'm curious to see if it stays throughout the day. I'm also curious to see if I can braid more of it as it gets longer. I go back & forth between keeping her hair short or letting it grow long. I love to play with it and try new things. I'm not very successful at doing new things with it, but I like to try.

Katie has a little "Pebbles" on top of her hair today. She wasn't real thrilled with me pulling on her hair to get it that way, but she's left it alone since I did it.


MDM said...

Darling! Girls are so fun!!!!!!

Alissa said...

Loved Katie's hair today. I am sure that Gracie's was cute in person too! Would have loved to see it! I braided a little strand on each side of Alora's head the other day...Adam said she looked like she should have been in Willow!

elizabeth said...

After having two boys, I am LOVING the hair thing! I was able to put ME's hair in a pony tail the other day and I probably took 10 pictures of it!