Wednesday, January 25, 2006


~Family Enrichment Night is over for 2006. Yea!!!!! It went well. I have alot of thoughts about it that I'd like to talk over with some people to see what could be done differently, etc. But you know what? Right now, "I'm over it!" I'm taking a breather and a break from it and I'll revisit it later. Today while I was at the school, one of the teachers asked if I'd be interested in being on the on the board I think. She said it's that time of year to start thinking about it. I told her I wasn't sure if I was ready for that yet. She said to think about it. I will think about it. We'll see what happens. I think they're thinking, "Yes! We have an overeager ex-teacher parent who likes to have an excuse to come up to the school. Might as well put her to work while she's here!"
~The gift certificate. Ah. What a saga. I put Chris to work calling them today. Blah, blah, blah, blah is basically what they said. She put it in her mailbox at home on Friday. The post office picked it up Saturday but for some reason didn't postmark it until the next Wednesday. She had problems with some bills being overdue that she mailed the same day. Blah, blah, blah, blah. She offered to add an additional service to the manicures & pedicures. Bad thing is that Chris didn't know I'd already paid for those additional services. Well, my mother-in-law is a "go get 'em" kind of person, so maybe she can talk them into giving her something else free. I still don't know if I believe them, and I still think the first girl we talked to (the boss' sister) needs to be educated on the USPS' holiday schedules and the fact that Martin Luther King day is only celebrated on Monday, not Saturday-Tuesday as she apparently thought. Oh well. What are you gonna do??!?

Although I love Deana's idea in my comments about me posting the phone number and prank calling them, I will fight the urge to do so. I will mention that it is a certain spa in Ruidoso, NM that is spelled S-a-v-i-l-a-'-s. I probably won't be using them again!
~Something really neat happened with me & my friend, Tracy yesterday. We went to school together from 8th grade through college with a 1 semester break when she tried University of Alabama before transferring to ACU. She is such a spiritual person and has a thirst for and a knowledge of God that inspires me each time I talk to her. She currently lives in Louisiana. I called her yesterday. I hadn't talked to her in probably over a month. I left her a message and she called me back within 30 minutes. She'd had some stuff going on that'd been upsetting to her and she had prayed the night before about Him putting her on the heart of friends to pray for her. She really felt that God had put it on my heart to call her yesterday because He knew that she needed a friend. I hadn't prayed for her that day, but I did after talking to her! I thought that was really neat! I'm glad God is a God who can do things like that. I didn't feel God telling me to call her, but is it coincidence that I just happened to call her right when she needed a friend to talk to? I like to think not!
~Katie peed on me at church tonight-yeah, not just a little-and potentially got a black eye! I had taken her out because once again she was wiggly to the point of driving me crazy. Poor thing was so tired. She usually goes to bed at 7:30, it was 8:15, she'd gone to bed late last night because of the PTA thing, so I was trying to be understanding. (I would never have been like that with Gracie. She would have gotten spanked. Katie gets away with so much more than Gracie. Why is that?!??!) I stood with her and she kind of was moaning quietly but laying her head on my shoulder so I thought she'd go to sleep. Fat chance! She started getting wiggly, so I walked out and sat down. She didn't like that, so I went into the nursery. Sandra held her for awhile and I decided to just sit in there because there wasn't much longer in church. (There were no classes tonight, it was singing night.)

She got down after awhile and was playing between 2 tables. Remember, we're in a temporary facility, so it's not really a nursery. Sandra & I heard this bad sound and after a few seconds, Katie started screaming. She was really upset, like she really didn't know what she wanted. After a few minutes, we could see the bump forming and maybe a scrape on the edge of the eyelid, too. I'm just glad it wasn't more actual eye damage. So tomorrow, she may have a black eye!

Then, a little later, I was holding her and I felt something wet. Sure enough, she was peeing-through a diaper and her clothes-all over my legs. I said, "Sandra!" She started dying laughing at which point I did too! It was all over me! I had no diapers with me, so Sandra went into church and got the keys from Chris. I held my jacket over me and went to the van to get a diaper. I had no extra clothes for her of course. After church, she went to get Chris and of course, he had a good time laughing at me.

When we got home, Chris discovered where she had taken a pen and scribbled over a good portion of the coffee table! He had caught her doing it earlier and told her no, so she had been properly warned, so needless to say, he made it clear that he was not happy! She wasn't happy after he made it clear either, if you get my drift!

Oh, I love that girl but she' s such a mess!
My husband has taught Gracie to do "the robot." You know, the dance. Well, today at school while I was there, they had a puppet (marionette) show about not littering. During part of it, they played some lively music and the puppets were dancing and many of the kids started dancing (while sitting down.) Some of those kids have some pretty good rhythm. Well, my sweet white girl, who has the rhythm of a stick, is looking at me smiling and doing the robot! It was funny! Her daddy is going to have to teach her some other dances! Appropriate ones of course. I was "dancing" the other day (I have the rhythm of a stick also) and Gracie told me I couldn't shake my "boo-hine" because it wasn't appropriate. I don't know that she used those exact words, but that was the main idea!
~I'm so sad about the death of a girl who had attended ACU that I originally heard about on BST's blog. I've read about the situation on many blogs this week. My sister-in-law, Erin, went to school with her and pledged with her.

I also learned last night that a boy I went to high school with had committed suicide this month. Apparently, he was depressed and he was gay and his family is requesting donations to a Buddhist temple. I went to a private, Christian school! I remember him fairly well. I think I remember knowing that he wasn't necessarily a "church-goer," at least not a "C of C-er," but I don't think I knew he was Buddhist. Maybe just his family was. Alot of people in Atlanta would send their children there just for the private school aspect of it and not for the Christian aspect. Maybe this was the case. I certainly didn't know he was gay. Makes me very sad. I know talking about homosexuality could be a whole other post, but I'm tired of hearing about people who are gay. People I went to ACU with or now, GAC, with. I know it doesn't make God happy, but I know He's waiting with open arms for people to change. I know He can help them change.
Chris was out of town for 2 nights and I did very well! I didn't have a breakdown or anything! :-) I'm glad he's back though and he bought me a treat! I got Rachel Ray's 365 meals cookbook. I'm so excited! There are some really weird things in it but also some good things that I can't wait to try! I also happen to know~because I told him to do it~that he called my friend Melissa and had her tell him exactly which tablecloth it is that I've been wanting from Williams Sonoma. I hope to get it for Valentine's Day. We don't normally do really "formal" gifts, but I've been wanting this since before Christmas and there was a store where he was this week and I told him it would save on shipping. So, I'm hoping!
My brother, Josh, and his wife Beth (my other sister-in-law!) are having a baby in 2 weeks or less! I'm so excited. This baby, Morgan Elizabeth, will join big sister, Ann Elise. This will be my parents' 4th grandchild.....4th granddaughter to be exact. Josh & Beth are really good parents and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing my brother be a daddy to a little girl who truly adores him!

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